Finlay Provide Cheap Windows RDP on Fiverr high performance hardware


Hello Fiverr Members ,
are you looking for Windows VPS for Stay online always .
Looking for a reliable windows vps having high performance hardware?
SEO Tool, Jingling / 22hits / Otohits / hitleap… running any windows software
I will Setup Windows vps having following specs:
Windows Desktop VPS with 2.40 GHz Intel Xeon CPU, Ram: 1GB,To 8 GB Storage Capacity: 100GB SSD, 10 GBPs Network Port Bandwith Internet: Unlimited!
There are 4 Packages
1- Setup Windows VPS with 1 GB RAM 2 Core CPU 5$/M
2- Setup Windows VPS with 2 GB RAM 2 Core CPU 10$/M
3- Setup Windows VPS with 4 GB RAM 4 Core CPU 15$/M
4- Setup Windows VPS with 8 GB RAM 4 Core CPU 20$/M
You can run any software here. Hi security server.
Login Via using Windows Remote Desktop Protocol Application ( RDP )
After Order You Get = IP + Administrator user + Passowrd
Come Fast ------ Get Fast