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FireFox does not have the option to upload work in delivery of project

Dear Readers,
We (MrA Developers) have recently completed a project on fiverr and intended to deliver it.When we opened the deliver project page there was no option of Upload Work.Its a major bug that needs to be solved.It may cause some sellers to get late in the delivery of their projects.
FIX : if got a solution to it by opening fiverr in Internet Explorer.It worked fine there

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Check you’re not disallowing any required scripts on the delivery page of Fiverr in Firefox by any add-ons.

If this happens, try sending work as an attachment in a message to a buyer. If this works, then send an empty delivery saying ‘see last message attachment.’ This happens a lot to me when I am delivering work via my tablet, just with Internet Explorer, not Firefox.

Thank you for your kind reply,by the way what you sell on fiverr