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Firefox keeps crashing on Fiverr

Does anyone else has the problem on loading the fiverr page a script always gets bugged, and the websites crashes? I tried different browsers, but it only happens with firefox.

Yes : latest version

Yes uninstalled /new

?? is it a script on this site that makes this happen?

Any kind of info would be great!!

Best regards

Try using Fiverr with Chrome or Safari, it’s always better to have more than one browser in your desktop.

Thanks for the advice!

yeah but that doesnt solve my problem. Ive used firefox since I can remember… so changing isnt really a option, nor a vallid solution.

But thanks for your repply

Switching to chrome isn’t really a big thing as you can import your bookmarks etc from ff. For the last few years ff has been on the bottom of browser security tests so a switch would be recommended, (especially for sites where money is involved).

However if you are determined to use ff you can ask for support at mozillas support forums. For best results provide them with all error messages and relevant info.

… tired of this forum lol

I’m having the same problem. Crashes when I try and browse the example photos on a gig. Locks up Firefox and I have to kill the task and re-open it.

aaah finally some one with the same bad experience…

albino1 The solution for me whas to install "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware"

scan your computer 2/3 times with it, and than it askes to restart.

that solved my problem. hope it does for you

Yes, firefox started to freeze after gig page design changed.

My problem was on multiple websites, not just fiverr. I had a trojan/mallware infection.