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Firefox not supported?

There’s been a very annoying bug in my account where the system always tells me that I have new notifications, even if there’s none. It’s been persisting for half a year and support always says it’s fixed now, please give it 24 hours. And that please use Chrome for optimal performance. The problem seems to be that I don’t use Chrome. Firefox is the only browser I’m supporting.

It’s odd though and related to cookies. As everytime I delete cookies, it gets fixed until I refresh Fiverr again.

Any tech gurus around that might be able to offer help that fiverr support can’t? Some Firefox about:config things I can tune that might help? :slight_smile:

I use firefox all the time - do you mean the stupid red dot that keeps appearing? I find if I hover over it, it disappears …


Yes. The pink/red dot, indeed. Always there until mouse is over it. Not sure why it’s so hard for them to fix it.

Firefox is the choice of developers … chrome is the choice of those who don’t mind googe (and anyone else!) surveilling them …


Can anyone show me what is that dot ? i am not sure where ?
I use firefox from very beginning of my fiverr career and I have never faced any issue with it !

At the top. Where it says “Dashboard”, “Messages” etc. The dot is next to the “Messages” link whenever there’s a new message/notification. But the issue is that some people have the dot visible even if there’s no new messages, tricking the person into thinking that there is a new message. Don’t think this happens on mobile or Chrome.

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This also happens to me, I only use chromium based browsers

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