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First 1 star rating - blackmailing & disgusting behaviour, support refuses to help

Today I’ve received my first 1 star rating as a web-developer on fiverr & it was probably the worst client I’ve ever faced.

My client ordered a website via custom offer with its price depending on the scale of the project.

After a lot of back and forth and revisions with the client, I’ve finally delivered the product & the client stated multiple times before that he loved the result.

Then on delivery he completely rejected the delivery, stating this the end-result we’ve discussed and he couldn’t use the website (even though, again, stating multiple times with free revisions that he loves the work).

The reason he cancelled the order was because i didn’t take care of transferring his old domain to the new website, which as I stated before, is a service I’m not offering. I guided him through the steps for free aswell to find a solution to his toxic behaviour, telling him he has to please personally contact his domain provider for the AUTH KEY to transfer the domain, but he rejected and kept beeing toxic.

I’ve refused to cancel the order because, simply put, having 20+ hours of work in a webproject and 250$+ in is a bigger deal than cancelling a 5$ gig on fiverr, especially when you’ve perfectly delivered the website as discussed before.

He ended up giving me 1 star rating because he refused to take the steps needed to personally contact his domain provider to provide me with the AUTH KEY so i can help him out.

When contacting the customer support that I’m getting punished for not delivering a service outside of my gig that was neither listed nor discussed before, they’ve responded its not against their TOS and therefore they can not help.

What is this behaviour? This doesn’t work in the real world and neither should it on fiverr, blackmailing a buyer to do extra work outside of the service otherwise you get forced to cancel all your hard work or getting punished with low ratings?

When asking how I should behave in a situation like this, they didn’t give me a single response and closed my ticket.

Thanks fiverr for this awesome experience getting bad ratings & blackmailing clients completely out of my control.

That happens from time to time and you’ll get this nightmare clients from time to time where even the voice of reason doesn’t work.

I checked that review and he didn’t even bother to write his review in English and he also attached a website image that you delivered which looks great.
It wouldn’t affect your stats in 60 days and other clients reading that review mostly wouldn’t understand what he wrote and will just see a great picture with a website you delivered to him which I’m sure overweight the review itself.

And you can also comment on his review explaining the situation from your side.


I am sorry this happened to you @nicolas_koerner, but it is what happens in the life of a freelancer. As @mariashtelle1 said, your nasty :imp: buyer left his review in German, which I did translate, and basically he says you talk a lot and do not deliver. Your reply was a good one, and I see you have two 5 :star: reviews that appear after it, so that too is good.

Keep offering quality service, and you should be fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


If I eat food in a restaurant, enjoy it, tell the chef everything is great and compliment them but then the bowl of after dinner mints at the exit is empty, there is nothing stopping me from leaving a 1-star review about the restaurant on any number of websites. That is the real world and it can be just as unfair as Fiverr. Fiverr can’t commit to going into the details of every order and checking everything - they would need hundreds of experts from every different field which would be exorbitantly costly. Instead, like every other business, they rely on the integrity of buyers to leave honest and fair reviews. Unfortunately not everyone respects this but thankfully these are the minority.
My point is that this isn’t Fiverr’s issue and is something you should get used to happening every now and then. Real life isn’t always fair.


Hello, I’m so sorry that happened to you! I took a look at your gigs and that review and see no reason for anyone to not purchase your gigs based on that. I really like your gigs and how they are presented and your other reviews are excellent so try to let it go as much as possible.


Sorry about your experience. I really hope this doesn’t affect your level status during the next evaluation by next month.

I dont mind getting a negative rating if you’d get it for a good reason, but how should you be able to react to clients requesting services outside of your gig? I’m asking this in general just as I asked the Customer Support who didn’t bother giving me an answer. Because just abandoning these orders and all your work is no solution at all.

You handled this correctly by not cancelling. Just roll your eyes at an idiotic buyer and move on with your day. Don’t give it a second thought.


Wow, so sorry to hear about your experience!