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First 1 Star review today. Should I delete the gig and start a new one?

Today I got my first 1-star review on one of my best selling gigs. This gig only has 19 reviews (all of them 5 stars except the last one) and now it is 4.8 stars, so I was thinking to delete and start a new one. Because to be able to have 5 stars in this gig I should get another 60 5 stars orders! I will be a level 2 seller very soon, and this gig it is not my only source of income in Fiverr, so I think I can handle having a new starting gig.
What do you think, is the best idea to start a new gig, or should I keep it and try to keep going with 4.8 stars?

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Just a little information on what happened:

The client didn’t connect for 1 week. Never sent me the information I needed. Requested a revision and after all the job was done (30 second jingle plus animated video), he requested a full refund of all the money. Also previously he told me that the jingle sounded like a Mexican ad (quite xenophobic, I am from Latin America), then he told me he wanted a singer with a British or American accent, something I don’t offer anywhere, because I am the singer and I don’t have that particular accent.
I refused 2 request for cancelling the order, and then after the order autocomplete , he came and left me a nasty 1 star review.

Screenshot of everything here:

It’s a terrible idea to run a business in such a reactionary way.

What happens if you delete your existing gig, start a new gig, and then you’re left another low score review? Are you going to start again… and then again? Of course not!

Just accept what has happened and move forward. Decent Fiverr buyers will read between the lines… they will see you’ve had 18 five star reviews, and just one one star review. Most buyers will be sensible and accept that you probably had a bad encounter with a rogue / fraudulent buyer.

So after another few five star orders your account will get to 4.9… and then a bit later back to 5.

Just in case you don’t realise this, even if you delete your gig with the one star feedback - the rating remains active on your account. Deleting the gig doesn’t magically wipe the slate clean on the rest of your profile.

Thank you for your answer. I appreciate your point of view.
The thing it’s that I learned the lesson in this, and it is to never argue with a client again. If they ask a refund I will give it back to them. I started to put a watermark on every file I send to them, so now they cannot steal it also.
I don’t want to risk any bad review in the future, so that’s why I asked if it maybe it was good to start again.
But I after thinking it more deeply I think it is better to stay like this and try to recover