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First 1-Star Review

Hi other sellers -

I just got my first 1-star review. After being on the platform for over 2+ years with pretty much all 5-stars this customer decided to say we were not “credible” for our work done and gave us the 1-star.

I am just so shocked at this. In our delivery message, we always say “if there’s anything wrong in the order please contact us to fix it” - this customer DID NOT do that. That’s fine and all but she was confused on how our gig worked and didn’t ask questions. (For background, we sell airtime for their song on our radio station)

I immediately contacted the buyer because a 1-star review is very alerting to us especially being our only ever. I basically just asked how we could fix her experience because we were shocked by the 1-star we were given. She responded with “why don’t you do a credible job, I have no proof my song transmitted.” (some words were taken out as it’s out of context)

Again, shocked because I can’t believe we’re being told we don’t do a credible job and didn’t receive proof.
I followed up with a message explaining everything, wishing she would have communicated or expressed her concerns before she submitted a review… (she did receive the proof, not sure what she was on about there)

Eventually, it led to her apologizing on her behalf and we apologized for our poor communication (i guess.)

What do you guys think? I know it’s a gist of what happened but curious if anyone has had similar problems?

It’s a lot safer currently not to contact the buyer about the review they gave. Just in case Fiverr thinks it’s some sort of review manipulation. Some people have received a warning for asking why the buyer gave a certain review or (or maybe pressuring them to give a higher one).

Also in future just deliver the proof that it was played on the air in the delivery. Also do a public reply to the review when necessary (that’s safer than talking to the buyer about the review).

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Yeah just read up on that. Now I regret contacting the buyer. I really believe as a seller we should be able to do that without warnings but it’s whatever. :confused:

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Hmm, sorry about what happened, there are just those types of people out there. Hope all goes well tho