First 10 PSD to HTML buyer will Get Extra 2 Revisions, 2 Pages and 3 Days Delivary


This can be a Great Offer for a buyer, if want some Bonus Work
Giving Felicities:
2 Bonus Revisions
Normally You Getting 1 Revision for Basic Pack, 3 for Standard and 5 for Premium Packages. Now, you will get 1+2=3 for basic, 3+2=5 for Standard and 5+2=7 for Premium Package.
2 Bonus Page
You Getting 3 Pages for Basic Pack, 5 for Standard and 7 for Premium Packages. Now, you will get 3+2=5 Pages for basic, 5+2=7 for Standard and 7+2=9 for Premium Package.
3 Days Delivery
All Packs are giving 15 days delivery. Normally you have opportunity to make it 7 days (10$ for Basic, 30$ for Standard and 50$ for Premium).
But, Now you getting Extra Fast delivery (3 Days)
All this offer can be graved by you, if you are one my first 10 customer. Don’t think about review. See my work samples. I will work till you say OK. :sunglasses:
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