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First 14 Days 200$+

Hey there, after signing up to fiver and purchasing gigs for two years now i thought i should give it a try and offer my video editing, intro and graphic services here. And i am happy to say that within 10 days earned 200$+.

This isn’t the world but it is a great start i think. I am happy with it :slight_smile: I am always looking for tips & critique from experienced sellers.

I cant wait to hear from you and to make some connections. I do really enjoy being here. Cheers Andy

Congrats on your success!

Best wishes. I see in your about section your I needs to be capitalize. Other than that do well and the orders will come pouring in.

Congrats. Great work :slight_smile:

Wish you success and achieving your goals :wink:

Thanks everyone!

Any native English speaking person willing to help me out and shape my about section?

Thanks! Andy

Reply to @julipalmer7: Thanks for that advice! It clearly needs to be changed!

Hey, no problem.

acinger said: And i am happy to say that within 10 days i could achieve 200$+.

I could achieve $100,000.00 in fifteen minutes. I wonder if it'll ever happen. ;)

Reply to @itsyourthing: To be honest i didn’t understand you… :slight_smile:

Reply to @acinger: @itsyourthing is giving you a bit of a joke but combined with some solid advice about using English well.

When you say I “could” achieve something, it means that it is possible but not definite for you to get that thing. For example, this is correct:

I made a new gig and it could earn $10,000 in one month.

If you want to say that something definitely will happen, another word is better. These are correct:

My Fiverr funds just cleared and tomorrow I will have $200 in my bank.

If I go to a store I would buy some beans.

Sometimes either word is correct (like the beans sentence) since you could buy them but you might change your mind and then you would buy something else. Online marketers try to trick people into buying things with the word “could” though. They might say "If you buy my book I will teach you things and you could earn a million dollars on Fiverr."

I hope that helps instead of confusing you more!

Haha :slight_smile: Yeah that helped :slight_smile:

Great Work Keep it up :slight_smile:

Reply to @narayanram: thanks

Reply to @acinger: Sorry for the confusion, but @fonthaunt’s explanation was accurate. :slight_smile:

“Could” means it’s possible; “should” means it’s likely; "will"means it is going to happen.

I was just being lightly sarcastic. I tend to notice details and generally point them out when they relate to language usage. It’s like an annoying hobby. :slight_smile: