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First 20 Days, 16 Orders for $416 Thank You Fiverr!

Hello All,

I will start off with a very brief introduction of myself. My name is Richard, I am
a Software Engineer by profession. I love to draw, I love to sculpt, I also make video games, basically i enjoy creating.

Even though I enjoyed doing all these things, I did not get any value out of it. It was very demotivating, i gave up sculpting, i gave up making video games as it was very hard to make art and to code at the same time.
I landed on Fiverr by chance, 20 days ago. It was just an experiment, I posted some of the concepts i did for a game, and created a gig. I must say as a new seller, it is impossible to get noticed on Fiverr. I somehow managed to get couple of orders through “Buyers Request”. Thanks to all the good people who trusted me, even when there were no positive reviews. Soon some orders came in and people started to leave positive feedback. The appreciation and feedback i got from people meant more to me than the money. I cannot stress this enough, the people i got to meet here on Fiverr are more valuable than the money.

I know $416 is not a big amount, and 20 days is too early to call this a success, but i feel happy and satisfied, and i wanted to share it with everyone, especially to the New Sellers out there. Fiverr works if you share what you are really passionate about. Buyers can tell if you’ve put all your heart and soul into the product you deliver. Thanks a lot Fiverr and Thanks to all the buyers who gave me the opportunity.

  • Richard

Congratulations… Its good to see people working towards their passion and working out a career of it… and btw $416 is not a Bad Amount … Ask Level 1 Sellers who sometimes dont even get 40 $ a Month… All the best and way to go :slight_smile:

Your Sculptor drawings are amazing ! Will surely work with you as we also work on Video Projects for Games n other things

Congratulations. Fiverr is a great platform for all of us who have difficulty finding ways of showcasing our unusual talents.
Your artwork is amazing! You will be a huge success.

Richard you are so talented. Congratulations and happy Fiverring :slight_smile:

Thanks Amit, would definitely love to work with you.
Thank you so much misscrystal , it means a lot coming from you :).
Thank you annai80. Happy Fiverring :slight_smile:

You are talented, keep it rockin’