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First $200 order!


Hey Folks

Just wanted to show you that it’s not all about those lots of little fiver’s that make up your fortune, you do occasionally get a big order!

It came in around a typical order for around $35 which was completed the week before. Inbetween messages I established the clients basic needs, target audience, level of establishment etc. and then made a suggestive upsell giving a specific piece of work I could do for the client that would help with performance. After client agreed a budget of around $160 they then made a purchase for $200 and pre-tipped me lol. Which in all fairness motivated me that much harder to do a better job :wink:

They fell inlove with the peice of work and it certainly made my day.



Wow thats great! My biggest order so far has been $100 and I was very happy with the outcome. I hope to someday get to a $200 order. Keep it up =;


Congrats :smiley:

How did you promote for your gig btw?


Great work you got there!



Any Tips for starter sellers?


There are lot’s of tips for sellers going around these forums, however my biggest tip would be to have an effective video intro which all of my gigs have, and all top sellers have.

If you can’t do it… hire me and i’ll do it for you here (beware extra’s aren’t true amount, they are only temporarily high due to current clients placing large orders)


Hey WolfStar, congratulations! I love when the Gig Extras, became the “Start of Something Gig.”


Congrats Mate!


Wow!! congrats!!


Congrats! My biggest orders so far were just around $145 to $160. The higher the price, the higher quality we offer, you really inspire me to grow further :smiley:


LOVE this story!! :)>- I have a similar one, kind of, lol! The most I’ve made in the shortest amount of time is $40 in 20 minutes worth of work!! :smiley: I had done some samples for someone who had a HUGE order to fill, and am now working with them to fill it! Figured it out, by the time we are done, I will have made $1000!! $-) Now if that’s not motivation I’m not sure what is haha!! Love making customers happy… and getting paid for it!!


Congrats :slight_smile:


Nice one Calisto!!

Thanks guys,

I think the most amount i’ve made in the shortest time is when I had a demo up, and a customer wanted a portion (about 25 seconds) of my exact demo but swapped my content for his, quickest $140 I ever made for 25 mins worth of work lol.


Reply to @calisto2986: That’s exciting. And keep it up and you’ll go from earning 4-figures.

To being a Fiverr-Figure earner!


This is great! recently i´m geting $30 orders (so far) in one of my gigs , and i´m 4 orders away to achive level 2 :D. hope to become a

anarchofighter said: Fiverr-Figure earner


want some website traffic gigs common to —

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Great encouraging comments here. My six pence: I have had an order already for $200, followed by another one from the same buyer for $125, who then comes back regularly with orders for $10 to $20 :bz


Congrats to you.