First 5 get the gig free [closed]


Sorry, all five have been completed!


Awesome ! Thank you :slight_smile:


i see people are not very much interested in freebies also… no worries… keep trying. you will get your initial success soon. :slight_smile:



Thank~ I’ll keep working at it >:D<


Is not easy on fiverr, but wish you success


Can I have a man in a hotdog customer please :smiley:

Food: Hotdog in bun

Hair color: dark blondey/brown

Skin color: light, slightly tanned (white british)

Expression: smirking

Accessories: not really accessories, but hair with a fringe thrown to the side

Extra: No thanks, whatever you think looks cool :slight_smile:


Lets do this !

Food: Ice Cream

Hair color: brown

Skin color: light

Expression: Amazed

Accessories: Sunglasses

Extra: Thumbs Up


I absolutely want to try!!

Food: Wurstel

Hai color: brown

Skin color: light

Expression: smiling

Accessories: glasses

Extra: basketball (if possible)






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Got mine and as you can see, it looks awesome!


EDIT - Can’t see on forum til it updates, can see it on main Fiverr site :slight_smile:


Food: Chocolate Ice Cream with M&M’s (The New Breyers Ice Cream)

Hair color: Light Brown

Skin color: White

Expression: Happy

Accessories: Cute Headband

Extra: Side Bangs, Hipster like (If that makes sense haha)

Thank you so much : D Can’t wait to see it


Off topic-- you are the spitting image of my 15 year old sister



Oh? That’s interesting :slight_smile:



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Here’s Mine! So cute. I just love chocolate m&m ice cream! haha


And this is my son playing basket :smiley:

Really cool!!