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First 60 Days on Fiverr - Going to Level Up


I’m Sheryar Khan aka AntiProbs [url removed] on Fiverr. I provide programming services. I was trying to join Fiverr but after talking to ************ a TRS in Pakistan. He advised me to polish your skills and go through the whole Fiverr FAQ’s and Help Center. I studied everything. I create a dummy account created few gig and then compared them to the TRS. After 6 to 7 months when I was all good to work, I started as a one man company on fiverr and nearly within 5 days I got my first orders and continue 3 days I was just having orders because I have digital marketing and frontend dev skills. Then my gig was down and wasn’t performing what I did is tried tracking my analytics of gigs.

(Click on the title of GIG in gig section to see analytics)

So, while updating my gigs I was also tracking my stats and thus I experience that the following things matter a lot.

-Communication with Buyers (Some or all your ordered are viewed manually)
-Your content on gig. (Description, tags, and pricing tables)

Thanks, love you guys :heart: