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First bad experience on fiver

So we order a gig from website developer who had all false information on his gig.He said he has a team of developer we agreed and ordered his gig.Before the order he told us how he will design the website and he told us about the themes etc we need to purchase we never go for nulled themes.The first day we bought all the themes and plugins paid for it after 3 days he realized that he is not much experienced for this job so he started crying for the budget and told us that he will have to do some custom coding which will require additional cost and he told us not to worry he will pay from his own pocket.Later on he kept on crying for the budget so in the end we agreed to increase the budget as we were desperate as we were getting close to our deadline.After that most of the features which was mentioned in the sheet which he agreed he said he was unable to do it as he is not much experienced and suddenly he said he doesnt have a team and he is working alone.We were so mad but we had no other option as we wanted the project to be done anyhow.This was on the 10th day,the delivery was on 14th day suddenly on 13th night he sent a dispute saying he wants more 300$ or else he is ready for refund.What really? we accepted the refund as we had no other option so now we basically cannot get refund for all the plugins and themes we purchased.This is really sad as this is the first time we faced this issue on fiver.And now when we post a gig for website we are not gettting much repliesi guess fiver has some algorithm i guess they have penalized us instead of the seller.Fivers customer support isn’t replying to our ticket its been 3 days.Personally in future i would never risk to buy a gig with huge investment on fiver this is really risky business even if i do i wont be purchasing any paid plugins or themes in advance.

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Honestly, I’m not sure I’d ever want to order a custom website on Fiverr. Too much risk. I’d try and order it locally if possible. You get to explain in person what you need and you can come in and take a look at everything with the people that are designing it, in real time.

Also, designing websites is no easy task, so maybe everyone who is offering such a gig is fully booked or just hasn’t seen your offer yet.

One last thing: Asking for budget increases the first time should have been a huge red flag. This is not a common occurrence in the business itself. Sure, if custom requests are made, that can cost extra. But the usual business practice is to deliver mockups and agree on a package that is subject to change for additional fees.

Honestly, I would’ve already dropped out here, even before the order. He didn’t specify that you would have to spend more upfront because of a bunch of paid plugins and themes he wanted you to get - you basically went in and paid for all of that before anything started. That’s a red flag to me.

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