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First bad experience/waiting for Refund/waiting for Support/

Hello all,
So i have my first really bad experience on Fiverr :frowning:
Ive allready worked the 7th time with an artist from Fiverr but the last one was really an adventure^^ and i need to share this. But you need to know i really like Fiverr and i will still work with them, i mean 1 bad experience from 7 orders are totally okay for me.

Here comes the story —>
I found an artist for an amazing Intro, so i ask something like -->Hey is it possible to change the angles from the frames and other little questions, he say sure thats not a problem but you need to go for the super standart or premium order! ALRIGHT so ive ordered the super standart for arround 50 Euro!
For this price you get this —>
I will create 2 logo reveal intro in FULL HD + sound fx + commercial use
1 Day Delivery2 Revisions

Logo Transparency
Background Music
Sound Effects
Custom Colors
Overlay Text
2 Included Versions

Alright sounds good doesnt it?
And hey sure he send an Revision instantly but a totally different one, so for explaining, he makes an INTRO and he say´s that the INTRO will be looking exactly same as the Preview one for the order.
And this Preview is a Grunge only one, colorless!
But he send me an Metal Version, i told him its not what ive expected and wanted, i want only my logo in the same art like your Prewiev INTRO where you say it will looks exactly the same!
He say alright i will come back, so i was waiting on the next days nothing happens and im patient, after some days i wrote again whats up and how far he is, but he didnt make anything for me because of sickness. Hey im a human i understand if somebody is sick im patient no problem for me, but if i see he allready completed other orders while he was sick, it comes the question why he didnt worked on my one?? He was also able to go online every 5 minutes^^ Whatever he tells me he will sart instantly and will come back^^
And Yes he send again a Review next day but again a color one!? I ask him why it tooks so long and why i didnt get what ive order? He: Yeah your logo is complicated and timetaking!! BÄM that hits me, why is announcement like 1 Day Delivery ALRIGHT that was enough for me but here comes another BÄM, i get a message that the order was complete^^
I ask him SIR whats going on there why it calls the order is complete we still talking about my order and this is not okay for me, he say nooo all good we will work further here and he will send the rest at the chat!
That was the moment where i realize that he sure want to hold his delivery time so he completed the order for that reason^^ But he is still on work imagin.
So i was asking for my refund because this feels not good anymore and that was exactly what i told him!
After some messages that he will give it a last try i was okay to give him another try but with baaad feelings.

Days gone, after some days i hit him again, but imagine he was again online every 5 minutes so he was on work for sure and sry im not stupid! He: Excuse me again i allready worked on your ones and i will send it today^^ Alright cool sounds good doesnt it?
But no Review at all, but hey im patient still even ive i see he done arround 6-8 new orders LuL so i wait some minutes before midnight and ask again, hey how far are you now? He say, closely done and he will send it tomorrow^^ Sounds good doesnt it?
But again nothing on the next day, but hey didnt i tell you im patient? So i was waiting again until close to midnight and hit him again! So he send me a Review, where i was laughing and ask him if this is a joke its not funny^^ because he send me again the same color one but with the perfect angles yes true the only good thing, after let me think, arround one week^^ Yes the angles are totally fine but thats all, and i ask for the Grunge one? Because this its again with color and to be honest there are 2 dragons on my logo and the left dragon was totally different as the right one every non artist can see that, and i was not OKAY with that!!! Alright you know whats coming? Exactly he will send the Grunge only one tomorrow!!!
I told you im patient yeah? But on the next day where nothing happens again, i only told him if i will not see my Grunge one today i please to give me my refund and his answer was totally breathtaking for me —>

Will send the refund my apologies.

ALRIGHT this was the moment where i cracked my keyboard into my led^^ Are you ffff kidding me? I ordered on 3.Juni to get an answer like this on 11.Juni???
Sry after this horrible ride, i need to laugh, how stupid i was, at the moment where ive seen he completed the order after 2 Rewievs i need to know it better^^

But hey life is going on and i got a support ticket!
Only a question i got a support ticket from 11.Juni and still no answer :frowning:
Hopefully this will ending soon, because my emotions are totally on a really thin ice!!!


I am sorry you did not have experience in life with frauds before, but there is the first time for everything.

Unfortunately, every buyer on Fiverr gets to have this experience since Fiverr is known to be a magnet for no-skill sellers, and by stealing other people’s work, they present themselves as professionals.

Although this system seems to lead to no good, it is working since not a lot of buyers know how to use the internet or computer and they think what they got is fantastic work.

I lost a lot of money on Fiverr as a buyer, and just now, as a seller, I see just how much scam is happening in every category.

Here on the forum, I get to see posts of new sellers, and when I check their gig 9/10 times, they are just faking it to get some easy money.

It is rare to find someone who possesses skills needed to complete the service they offer.

The order went complete because it had been in “delivered” status for 3 days. A message gets shown at the bottom of the order page that says “Please note: respond in the next 3 days or the order will automatically be approved and completed”.

If you didn’t want the order to auto-complete you should have said “no” to “are you pleased with the delivery and ready to approve it?” and after that selected “I still need revisions” - that would have put it into “in revision” mode where it can’t auto-complete.

See the video on this page:

Also I don’t think there’s an option for sellers to refund (cancel) after an order is complete. I think it would have to be done by Fiverr support.


Yeah i know this was my bad that ive accept the order like you say but i was trustfull and this was the first and last one for sure!!

Yeah really hard to find good ones true, but like i say im glad i make 6 good experiences before this comes out! But annoying to burn down money and time for nothing, i hope the support will help me or maybe i can get my money back from paypal, need to check the support i think.
And yeah im sry for you that you lost money too :frowning:

Doing a paypal charge back would be against the Fiverr TOS and you’d probably lose your Fiverr account I think. So it would be best to wait until Fiverr CS refunds if you didn’t get what you paid for.

From the Fiverr TOS:

Filing a transaction dispute or reversing a payment through your payment provider or your bank is a violation of these Terms of Service. Doing so may get your account temporarily or permanently disabled. Note: once you have filed a dispute with your payment provider, the funds will be ineligible for a refund due to our obligations towards the payment provider.

Yeah i know that, but this will be the worst case, because what can i do if the support will not answer?
It calls 12-18 hours but its 2 days ago :frowning:

Fiverr support are busy currently (maybe because of many new sellers joining recently) and often taking days longer to respond than usual. I’d keep waiting a few more days. Also there’s probably less of them available on weekends. I think they normally replied faster on week days.

Okay thx and yes i can imagine that they have a lot to do, so i will wait anyway because im patient :slight_smile:


if you want then i can complete your that work which you had mentioned in just 30 EURO.i will show you sample before starting

If the order gets cancelled the OP won’t have the rights to what was delivered. You would have to create the logo anim from scratch if it gets cancelled.

Thanks i will wait for your reply

I wrote the artist again and now he canceled the order after i told him that the forum tolds me there is no option for refund after the work is complete^^ Crazy how fast things can happen :slight_smile:
So all good now i got my money back but how i can get the money full back on my Paypal?
I really was only interested in this one i dont want to spend this money for another work!
Instead i want to use it private, so how i can get back my money? I think i have to make a support ticket again or is there an option i cant find one? :frowning:

I don’t understand how he cancelled it after it was complete if that’s what he did (maybe CS might have done it?) since there’s no option for it like I said (I checked one of my completed orders - unless it does within a certain amount of time after completion - but I don’t think so).

For sending you money to PayPal - that’s only available for sellers, not buyers only I think sorry.

You can only withdraw money from your Fiverr account if you are a seller and have earned revenue through Fiverr. Revenue earned through Fiverr is deposited to your sales balance and is available for withdrawal after Fiverr’s clearance period.

If you made a purchase as a buyer and received a refund, it will appear in your Fiverr balance for use on another purchase.

Note: If an order is cancelled and you are due a refund, the amount of the original order with the service fee will be placed in your Fiverr balance. For information on using your Fiverr balance see How do I use my Fiverr balance for future purchases

I really cant tell you how he managed that but no joke like i say, after i wrote him this he say he will check it again and BÄM theres my money^^ But wait this would be crazy if i pay for an work what i didnt get, i have to use my money for another work even if im not interested? That would be ridiculous sry!
I cant believe that they wont give my money back because im not a seller^^ So if not i would be stopping using fiverr for sure and will get my money back from Paypal.

You could try asking CS if they can send your Fiverr balance to PayPal. Maybe they might do that. But normally it doesn’t seem like it’s possible.

But you’ve been refunded for the work you didn’t get (you said). The refunded money could be used to buy a different gig from another Fiverr seller. It wouldn’t be crazy because there should be another seller who can do what you want. They might even do it for a lower price than the gig you previously bought.

But it would be better to ask CS if they can send it to PayPal if that’s what you want to do. It’s best not to do anything that would be against Fiverr’s TOS.

Yeah i will but again only at the worst case^^ Like i say im not interested in any other works, because you can trust me, i watched a lot of artist and Intros and there was ONLY realy ONLY one where i was interested in and this work arent available from other artists that i found :frowning:

So i payed exactly for this work and this cant be realized, so for me its normal that i can get back my money! But if the terms from fiverr are different, i have no choice and i will get back my money from Paypal! Imagine you havent any money to spend for such things but you do, because you have a dream and for that you put other things what you like down, where you need money for. So i choose wisely where i spend my money, i have to!! And i dont want to pay for a work that i dont want.

Anyway THX for help and i will write to the support, hopefully they are helpful like you :slight_smile:

This just gave me an idea. Why not become a seller? You just create some random gig, and you will be able to withdraw your money, maybe.

And regarding the above offering to do the work, yes @professional421 I could do this for him too, I do logo and animations, but he was not looking for someone to do the work he came on the forum to seek help on the order he paid and was not being delivered or refunded. You have to be sensitive when approaching a potential client that is aggravated by another seller.

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To be honest that was also an idea from me, because i really like that feature to put money back on my Paypal! But i dont know how and what to GIG sry :frowning:

And yes you are totally right, im here because of struggle and only to get my moneyback, if i would be interested in any other works i would order someone.

Money from refunds can’t be withdrawn.

But there’s no need to do that, anyway, @mikasiemer can contact CS and ask for their funds to be sent to their PayPal account.

Here’s the relevant part from the Terms of Service:

“Deposit refunds (i.e. refunds directly to your payment provider) can be performed by our Customer Support team, based on the Order’s original payment amount and currency. To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the total amount of times users can request a payment provider refund, which is subject to review by our Customer Support team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee.”