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First bad rating after 170 orders with only 5 star rating


Ehy i received my first bad rating (2 star).
I need of you community of fiverr stay close to me :frowning:


Don’t think about it too much and move on and work hard for more 5 stars reviews!

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Thanks my buddy :slight_smile: it’s so frustrating!


This will give you a chance to work more freely! When we people are too much worried about the bad review people misuse our work and I have seen this myself


I think if you refund the money the bad rating will be gone (one experienced fiverr seller told it to me). If the price is more than $5, it’s preferable not to refund.


No - it won’t. Sellers can’t refund to get rid of a negative review any more.

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What you expect from us to do for that? You are not the only one who get 2 star and who will get in the future. Continue to do what you do, and everytime be better then usual.


Yes bro! i’m just joking we are to share our experience!


Doesn’t matter & at this present it’s a good review & keep going bro & best of luck


It’s in your mind. Why are you seeing only the negatives? Be Positive. Don’t loose your focus!

Good luck!

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