First big amount sale


I completed my 3rd sale and my first big amount sale


great carry on ;


Congratulations. May this be the first of many large orders! :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you for wishing me


That is awesome. Keep up the good work!


thank you very much sir


Ah Great , Hope to add one more Zero


thank you very much mam


congratulations. Keep going.


thank you so much mamun max


i created my fiverr account since then there was no gigs on my account please help


how can i help you please tell


If you are a seller , you should create some gigs, Gig will be a service which you will offer. It can be any liek article writing or logo design etc, its depend upon your knowledge or work experience or interest, you can browse the Fiverr and can check various Gig Categories.

If you are a buyer simply search for the service you need. and discuss will sellers


wow… keep going …


My biggest one was $750, and I got $600 out of it.