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First breakthrough on Fiver


At what point after starting your fiver account did you finally have a breakthrough and start having a steady stream of sales. What did you do different that led you to that point?

The more sales you complete. The more steady it gets. The repeat customers is what you are looking for. It will never be as steady as a paycheck. It’s self employment. Mine fluctuates about 50%. But it really works. I think it takes about 100 completed orders for me to get a single gig off the ground. You continue to tweak and adjust the description until it’s just right.

You should create other gigs, Fiverr is like fishing, you need different rods with different baits. One gig might be about travel writing, another gig could be travel advice, travel hotels, or even something not related to travel. What you don’t want to do is clone your own gigs unless we’re talking about completely different types of travel.

For example, I have headlines for Teespring and headlines in general because the people that need headlines for T-shirts are different than the ones that need headlines for web banners, billboards, etc.

Thanks for the advice guys!

I got my first sale within a week 1/2 of joining. After that I have about 1 sale a day (I am in legal and business consulting so we don’t get crazy sales each day, but we get much more than $5 per sale). I was so grateful that someone took a chance on me. I have tweaked my gigs a bit by combining some similar gigs and getting rid of some that were just taking up space, but all in all, my offers aren’t extremely different from when I started. I have learned some lessons about the deadlines I give (who wants to review and edit a complicated 15 pg. legal contract after working full-time, cooking dinner, putting your 5 year old to be etc.) all because you put a 24 hr. turn around time on a gig?? I’ve never turned anything in late but I have learned from some sleepless nights LOL! I just made it to level 1 today.

It really is like fishing but it works like anything does when working. You start out at the bottom and work your way up. I started three years ago with little success. Now I am about number three in recommended in my particular gig niche. It’s not uncommon for me to get twenty messages a day or 5-10 gigs ordered on any given day. Your reputation is everything on this site so protect it! Deliver the best work you can and when you feel burned out, take a rest and come back later. The worst thing you can do is pressure yourself. Work at your gig and make it so it works for you and the buyer. Soon you will see you have more work than you anticipated, your skillset will improve and your success will too. Best of luck to you!

For me personally I had an order 4 days in then they started trickling in. after the first week it was averaging around 200-250 a week. and has been steady since. and I started around Christmas eve last year.

Reply to @ardicus: You’re lucky! I don’t have any orders for 6 days…

How many orders did you complete? I see that we started to work on this site from February, 2015. I personally started on 20th of February. I completed 9 orders, but now I don’t have any for almost 6 days…

I am going through a bad time too. Before my work was going steady but since feb 2015 i am not having much work as i used to have.

Reply to @d_seogirl: They changed something… Before these stupid updates, I registered and started to get orders. Then I was experiencing these stupid bugs all the time. Now, for almost a week I didn’t receive a single order.

Reply to @feltonlegal: That is great that you are able to make more money out of your sales because you seem so busy! thanks for this

Reply to @dobguy1: Motivating advice! Thank you

Reply to @ardicus: Are you talking 200-250 orders a week? That’s incredible! How can you keep up with all of that?

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: I have not gotten any orders : ( How do you think you managed to get your first one?

Reply to @shannonbullman:

not orders, dollars a week

Sometimes for a week i will not get order. I was on fiverr for 9months before i got my first order. @ardicus i would be glad to know your traffic source. 200$ in a week is really good.

Reply to @shannonbullman: I think because I have excellent Gig pictures and descriptions. I will try to write something about this in the next 2 months.

Reply to @ardicus: I’ve only heard horror stories about SEO services around the forum. I’m sure there’s many good gigs out there, but I don’t think I would trust anyone enough to buy one. Not that I even know enough about SEO to know what I need anyway. :slight_smile:

Reply to @timelyservices:

I really don’t promote at all. maybe once in a while put out a tweet or reminder on my Facebook maybe once every two weeks, but to my knowledge they aren’t shared. I have however considered advertising and going SEO from what I am reading on here but I am nervous that if I do I may get overwhelmed…