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First Cancellation and I'm Happy About It!


Because of all the horror stories I’ve read on the forum, I’ve been dreading the time when I would have to deal with a cancellation. Today, this morning, I did. But, as it turns out, I got lucky - I didn’t want to work with the person in the first place and if he hadn’t wanted to cancelled the gig then I would’ve suggested it to him – not only did he not pay for the full gig, and then talked back to me when I explained that it’s “up to 300 words” and not “300 words plus a whole lot more”.

It was very undramatic, and I think that helped. I’m also glad for the cancellation because hopefully, I will learn from this that it’s fine - it’s ok, I will move past it without any trouble, and I’m glad to be rid of the buyer.

It would probably be a very different thing if they ordered and then cancelled because it was the wrong gig or they ordered, I delivered and then they cancelled. Then I would be mad!

But for now, I’m happy to say that I had my first cancellation and it doesn’t even bother me. How about you?




Having been in business for myself for over 45 years, little things like cancellations, refunds, angry customers, damaged goods and many other day spoilers are just a part of doing business. It should only “bother you” to the extent that you learn from it and move on. :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: I have had issues with other buyers and cancellations (or what amounts to it) in other places, and that’s why I worried about what would have to happen on Fiverr for me to get a cancelled order (plus all the horror stories), so going through it now once and it being very undramatic (I’m lucky I think, as it usually isn’t) means that next time I’m faced with it, I’ll find it far easier. I hope anyway!