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Hello Fiverrnation

So I was worried about not getting much orders when I turn off vacation mode after 2 months, due to college. Then it hit me! What if Fiverr allows you to set the number of orders you’ll take at certain time, to help you balance your schedule? Like that would be great right now! Cause I could then say okay I got Friday to Sunday free, I’ll set a limit to 10 orders for the weekend. Please Fiverr! You would give me life if you implement such a feature. What do you think?

Like once the limit is reach the gig will automatically be set to vacation mode, reason being: over booked. Good idea? I think so!

But you can just turn on your gigs on Thurdsay and turn them off again on SAturday night and then just finish up what you have.

I can see some merit in an implementation of some kind of a limiting feature. The trouble with vacation mode/suspension is that both seem to have some degree of impact on your appearance in search, so it would be nice to have a feature that works sort of like an “inventory.” If you were selling physical goods on a retail website, you’d usually have a way to say how many widgets you have in stock. Why not do the same for how many services you can provide in a set time?

Either way, this post would go better in the Suggestion Box since Fiverr staff rarely sees this part of the forum. You might want to move it.

Interesting idea

Best of luck

Reply to @sincere18: I don’t think you understand. That’s a hassle. I was suggesting convenience.