First complaint about quality


Sort of. Stuff like this annoys me.

Buyer orders. I meet her spec. She decides that what I wrote is good (she says it is high quality work) but she wants to change her spec afterwards. The new spec would involve about 1,500 words as a re-write. Same information but she now wants to base this writing off a new source which she never mentioned previously. I refuse to do it. I get in touch with customer support. What happens? Oh, I have to provide her with this article, cancel or put up with the negative feedback. So basically if I don’t give 1,500 words for free I suffer :confused: She already had 1,000 words for the gig (which she has used) so 2,500 words for $5.00.

The annoying thing is, she has actually ordered more from me. This time she is asking for me to source images for the articles too (something which I have refused to do). Again, threat of negative if I don’t do it (I am not sourcing images for any articles, too much hassle and too many legal problems could arise). Once again, I have the option to cancel (she gets what I wrote for free, I get a cancellation on my account) or put up with the negative.

In summary: She thinks the quality is good however she knows how to manipulate things to get her own way and it seems to be succeeding as now this is two negative feedbacks that I may need to put up with.

WTF IS THIS. Wish I could ban buyers sigh

Mini Rant: Take away the character limit for messages again both on the gig notes and in the messaging system. It is highly annoying since I often type a lot when customers ask me something and it sucks having to do it over multiple messages. I guess the reason for it is to reduce data base size, but I am still going to type the same amount regardless of the limit. It just means they need to store more information ultimately!


Ryan, actually this is no change at all.

The difference is non-mutual cancellations also impact your RANKING.

That is, it’s like getting a thumbs down, without one being shown. But say you had a gig with 9 delivered and thumbs up. And you force cancel one gig

you will not be 90% positive rating on that gig.

celinedesigns said:
Reply to @ryangillam: Seriously? Someone told me that it doesn't... What a joke. We really have to do anything the customer wants to keep our ratings/Levels up, don't we.

Losing levels is based on cancellation % now. In the past there was some sort of distinction between mutual and other cancellations when it came to losing level. Nowadays it is based solely on the cancellation %. No distinction is made (confirmed by customer support)

When people say it won't hurt your rating they mean the positive / negative feedback. It will harm your cancellation % though which is different.


Reply to @ryangillam: Seriously? Someone told me that it doesn’t… What a joke. We really have to do anything the customer wants to keep our ratings/levels up, don’t we.


I’ve suggested having an option for the Seller to decide if they want to actually sell to the buyer. I have 8 cancellations because 8 students purchased my writing gig, which clearly states that I do not do homework assignments.

There are a lot of areas where Fiverr can improve and this is one of the biggest issues they have.


I guess most cancellations are due to reasons that a seller does not really have control over: sellers who do not read the gig description, fail to contact the buyer before ordering so that they order at a time that the seller cannot possibly respond in a timely fashion and sometimes I suppose we all get buyers that are hard to please. I guess this just cannot be avoided.

It is good we are able to rant here!


Personally, I would just ask for a mutual cancellation. If it’s mutual - it won’t hurt your rating, so just let her know that she’ll get her money back ect.


I agree with @ed_lemonnier76 that it would be nice if Fiverr added a button which simply allowed the seller to “accept” or “decline” the assignment as a way to begin (or pass up) the transaction with the buyer. That way if the buyer were to ask for something that the seller doesn’t do, the seller could simply decline the order.

celinedesigns said:
Personally, I would just ask for a mutual cancellation. If it's mutual - it won't hurt your rating, so just let her know that she'll get her money back ect.

Mutual cancellations can still lead to you losing your level. It also means I do work without being paid.