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First day, first gig, first sale? Advice please

Alright it is my first day here at Fiverr and I’ve already set up my first gig. And I know its ambitious but I am really hoping to have my first sale before the day’s up. Please take the time to check out my gig, if not to buy it to give me advice. :smiley:


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

First, it can takes weeks to get going on Fiverr. Be patient and read the helpful tips on the Forum.

Second, your gig is in a crowded and competitive market. You’ll need to promote your gig outside of Fiverr, where potential Buyers hangout.

Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

I was in your same shoes a month ago, pal! I am a writer as well, and here’s some of the things I learned:

  1. The people that buy the gigs could be anyone, but the people who will keep coming back to you with more are business people. Try to cater to them by making an article gig.

  2. Your description is lacking a bit. Try to spice it up a bit! Don’t make it unprofessional, but try and put a little personality into it. Also, the formatting is weird. It isn’t attractive because your sentences are really short. Show off your skills in the description!

  3. Add a profile picture. It helps people see the person behind the monitor and it will draw them in.

  4. A video isn’t a must, but if you have the means, do it. It will get you higher on the search lists.

  5. Check out your gig views by going to “My Gigs”. It will tell you how many people have seen your gigs, how many clicked on them to see the description, how many people bought each one, and what your conversion rate is. You can test different methods of advertisement and see which one gets you the highest number of views. Also, if you notice people see your gig but don’t click, maybe change the picture/ title. If they click but don’t buy, then change your description.

    Okay, that is about the extent of my tips for attracting buyers. Good luck!