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First Day On Fiverr. Need HELP!

I have had seen many gigs containing 8 or 10 sample pictures. But i can’t upload more than 3 jpg puctures and 2 pdf files. How can i upload more than 3 sample pictures in a gig ???

Hi!, Some times it happen on Fiverrr, Please use Other Server (like Dropbox etc) then share the link to seller/Buyer!


You can only upload 3 images and 2 pdf.
The other images that you see on other profiles are the ones that show up later on.
The images will show up once you start delivering. The works done for your client via your gig will be added to the gig’s portfolio eventually.

Hmm ok

Now im wating for my first order :slight_smile:


*As long as your Buyers don’t uncheck the box and you have “Live Portfolio” active for your gigs and you deliver image files for your gig.

Good , ATTA aish ¡


Fiverr normally allowed only three images for the portfolio .

Hmm , now i got it. I think I have understood all rules and regulations of fiverr. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You can’t upload more than 3 sample pictures in the portfolio.
Best of luck for your first order. Cheers! :slight_smile:

It seems now that your question has been answered. Welcome to Fiverr!! I hope you enjoy it here. :slight_smile:



Just 2 more picturs fiverr alow just 5 pix 3 jpg nd 2 pdf :slight_smile:

welcome to fiverr