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First Day Sales Explosion


I plan to get 500 copies of my book printed.

However, what if this paperback becomes wildly popular? Suppose I get 5000 orders the first day of release? The book printer has a 6-week lag on printing orders. By that time I would be awash in cancelations, few members of the Now Generation could possibly wait that long.

What to do.

I don’t want to release the 99-cent Kindle version until after the paperback has been available for a couple of weeks.


Hi there!

Maybe you should start a Pre-order round to test the waters and know for certain if 5000 orders would happen and take actions around the number of Pre-orders you get.

Aside from the fact that you would get funding from those first sales to fund the rest of the paperback copies.


Hey, good idea, Juan. Thanks!

Turnaround for getting the books printed is six weeks…is that too long to keep the preorderers waiting?


Well in today’s market I’ve seen games and other types of media being sold in pre-order for more than 6 weeks I even pre-ordered a game almost 5 months before it was even in closed beta. But I’m no expert in that area, so maybe hiring someone who can guide you a bit further before you make a decision would be the best.