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First delivery doesn't stop the countdown. The second does

Hi, I noticed lately that I need to deliver my works twice, as the first attempt appears as a message, without the attachments, but the order’s countdown keeps going. The second time it works.


Have you tried refreshing the page after your first delivery?

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I have had that happen, even when I did a page refresh. It is another Fiverr :bug:


Yes, but it didn’t work. I really have to sent it twice

I just had an order yesterday that I delivered, and the file didn’t get attached. I can’t remember if I simply forgot to attach the file, or if it was a bug, but it might have been a bug, locally or with Fiverr. I’d let the Fiverr support team know about it if it happens again.

I’ve had this issue where it doesn’t show on the timer that I have delivered. So I deliver again and then the person gets two deliveries. It has only happened a few times.

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