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First encounter with abusive buyer after 2 great years!

After great 2 years on fiverr I finally encountered an abusive buyer.

Had conversation and client placed an order. But then client went outrageous about processing fee. I tried to explain how things work on site but client was very aggressive and asked for refund.

Then after great drama client said that he would like to move forward…I was really not impressed with way of him handling the situation and decided not to move forward with order as I thought we are not a good match and soon he proved my point. He started abusing me and calling names.

Following are some of great messages by him:

  1. I will gladly have myself and 50 friends make sure to leave horrible reviews of your shitty service and your company
  2. I am a busy guy that doesnt have time for pathetic people like you out in India (Hum…racist as well?)
  3. Hurry up and send the dispute so i can go ahead and leave a multiple horrible reviews
  4. I assure I will have my people deter you from getting any further business
  5. piece of sh#t
  6. Just know I will make sure that I bring you down with the utmost horrible reviews possible you prick

WoW Man…really? Huh! You guys ever had this type of experience?

Customer Services - straight away!

Already reported this to CS :slight_smile:

I do hope they’ll deal with it for you - what horrible things they’ve said to you! Nobody deserves that.

Hopefully CS will do the right thing - I’m sure they will.

I’m sure you’re very upset by it - I know I would be!

Hopefully! Yeah…was completing my orders and now not feeling like working. Really upset :frowning:

On the bright side, for his friends to leave 50 reviews they’ll have to buy 50 gigs. Raise prices quick! :wink:

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It’ll come back to bite them on the bum!

The worst I had was a buyer who ordered from me twice - it wasn’t what he said - it was the way he said it, if you know what I mean. I ended up feeling I was in an abusive relationship - nothing was right, the file was too big, the resolution was wrong - all things that weren’t mentioned when he ordered.

He came back for a third time and wanted the same, larger order done again -‘just a quick job - $5 should cover it’!

I took great delight in saying ‘no’ - several times actually.

It was horrible at the time, but I got immense pleasure from being able to say no!

lol :slight_smile: That idea stuck in my mind as well.

Those who shout the loudest do the least. I wouldnt give this idiot a second thought to be honest. Its also unlikely he has 50 friends, never mind 50 who would think he is right and definitely not 50 who would consider backing him financially.

Hmm…I agree with you sir!

Sometimes its hard to say no. I have a client who orders 3-5 gigs every month. Issues is her modification requests. Officially I offer 1 free revision but she keeps on abusing “Request Changes” button with her never ending modification requests. I can not say no because she might leave a bad feedback on other orders.

Have you got extra revisions as gig extras? It sounds like you might be at the stage where you could send a friendly ‘Yes, I’ll be happy to modify your order - please just purchase the gig extra below’.

I had a not so pleasant experience once and CS banned the buyer immediately. I have no doubt they will do the same. The best thing you can do is just to stay polite at all times and just forward the issue to CS as you did.

Don’t take it personal some people really have issues!

Yes we all encounter these people here at times. Know it’s not you that did wrong, it’s them. Customer Support is experienced at handling this problem.

If he was crying for the processing fee, it is unlikely that he can buy 50 friends and then give $6 to each to buy your gig…

jo bolta h wo karta nahi, jo karta h wo bolta nahi (Hindi)
English translation : People who say dont do, people who do dont say …
(i dont remember the actual proverb :confused: ) but means the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Your post made me decide to go ahead and post a sentiment that I had recently when reading another thread bitching about the processing fee of a lousy buck.

As a seller, I hope the dollar processing fee serves to send these type of buyers away, much as a cover charge or a dress code does at a bar. If a dollar or two is enough to prevent us from having to deal with these types, bring it on.

If they are going to whine about a dollar, imagine dealing with them on revisions, feedback and good luck getting a tip should you decide to do a bit extra.

Reading these messages was abusive even for me. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Thanks for sharing!

Exactly! This is why I decided not to work with him. If one can do that for a few bucks then what will that person do when it comes to revisions. And its was $150 project.

Anyway, I think this is not the end. This guy placed a new order 15 minutes ago. Haven’t started the order yet but I know what this guy is up to now. Trying his best to make my day bad. I am done…I am really done now! :frowning:

Yeah bud…and he is not done yet! :frowning:

As CS are aware of this guy’s behaviour, can you ask them to cancel the order for you as you don’t want to work with him again?

I’m so sorry - I do hope you get it sorted soon!