First Evaluation: Measuring competition (How many promotions/demotions were there)


Last year, I made a thread to measure how many gigs disappeared following Fiverr’s site cleanup. Over the course of a few weeks, they removed around 4,000 editing gigs alone and other sellers watched hundreds of gigs disappear in their categories as well.

So (out of intrigue), I’m going to do something similar to see how the levels get swapped around come the first evaluation period on the 14th.

January 8 vs. January 15
proofreading55 AM

(899 gigs bumped from Level 2 to Level 1)

January 8 vs. January 15
writing08 AM

(6,694 gigs bumped from Level 2 to Level 1)

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Here is the screenshot of WordPress keyword :wink:


Voice Over



After looking at the writing and proofreading gigs, I am glad I am a proofreader and dropped my article writing gigs. :upside_down_face:


I’m amazed at how many “new sellers” there are in all the categories. Mods, any chance we could pin this till after the evals so we can easily recall it with updated numbers for comparison? @eoinfinnegan @fonthaunt @annai80

Thank You

Hopefully other folks will post their before and after number in their categories.


You can also bookmark it. :bookmark:

Just click three dots on the OP & click mark between flag and reply.


@newsmike You made some great suggestions, no reason to delete them.

This is a valuable thread. One of the more interesting ones.

The number of new sellers is alarming in my category also.


That took me a minute too. I think this should be pinned also and others encouraged to leave screenshots of their categories.


I used the keyword spells on January 8:



Are these screenshots of the number of gigs shown in our category?

Surely these are not the number of sellers. I’m sure there are not 76 Top Rated Sellers in our category.


I believe these numbers represent how many gigs match the search criteria (keyword, seller level, etc.).


Is there any way to see the number of sellers of each level? Or we can infer how many sellers lost a level by looking at the change in these stats.

We have about ten TRS in our category as far as I can tell.

edit: Yes Sydney is great, thanks for pinning this.


Pinned because it might encourage Sydney to come to the forum more often (and cos bookmarking is tough).


Pinned because it might encourage Sydney to come to the forum more often (and cos bookmarking is tough).


Such an interesting thread. I’m sure Fiverr are doing their own tracking as well!


Will be interesting to see!


2018, January 10. Search term “translation”


Also, OT, but look at that, 31 gigs online from... 12,277...

(… that filter is definitely not working, I´m online many hours every day and never show as online lately, and when I click the online filter, it seem to always be the same few sellers, give or take one, no idea what Fiverr did or why those few escaped it but I sure hope it´s on the tech team’s priority list)

The “online sellers” bit definitely reflect gigs, not sellers, as much is easily visible lately from checking the “online sellers” filter, so I suppose it´s the same for the other numbers too.

Another thing, I don´t know about your categories, but in mine, there are quite a few people who have the exact same gigs posted with just slight alterations like “I will do X”, “I will do perfect X”, “I will do professional X”.

So, this measuring can´t be really precise but should be interesting either way.

Which gigs are counted, anyway, only active, not temporarily paused, not currently overbooked ones?


All right, my update, screenshot after the 1st St. Level’s Day, 2018, Jan 15, now probably more aptly named Levelageddon, after all:


This is unbelievable! The level of competition in Writing category Level Two is stiff! Maybe its time to up my game if I’m ever going to survive in this jungle. Thanks for the insight @sydneymorgan


Great thread @sydneymorgan !

Here’s my search for “video” dated January 10th 2018.

video sellers 10-1-18


These numbers are so huge, I can see why fiverr is finding new ways of filtering out some, and prioritizing them. The competition is incredible.


Exactly, Fiverr want to revamp their system and change their priority systems through this evaluation