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First experience as a buyer isn't looking so good

I ordered a gig from what I thought was a reputable writer, he had 8 positive reviews in four months time with 100% feedback and no cancellations. We chatted back and forth about what was expected and we agreed he would be a fit for the job. Well, last night in my time zone he messaged me and advised he was half way done with the paper and wanted to see what I thought (it was to be a 15-20 page term paper). I read it and told him that he had a really good start on the paper at which time he replied it was really late in his time zone and he needed to get a little rest and would finish the paper today. It should almost be tomorrow morning where he is located and I have not heard a peep from him. According to the fiverr website, he was paid for it though, even though it wasn’t finished. What should I do?? I have sent him a message but he has not replied. Thank you.

It’s possible something unexpected came up, or that he is still working on your order. He probably clicked “deliver order” when he sent you the first part of the paper, which stops the countdown clock on the order (which means the funds are upcoming for him, but not available; that takes another 14 days). When he sends the rest of it, he is able to click “deliver again”, but you need to request a cancellation, if that’s what you end up deciding to do, within 3 days from when the order was “delivered”, or completed. First, try contacting the seller again about 24 hours from your last contact from him or thereabouts. If you don’t get the rest of the paper or any responses, click on the “Resolution Center” link next to your order number and request a mutual cancellation. If you still don’t hear anything you’ll need to file a ticket with Customer Support within 10 days of when the order was “delivered” in order for CS to cancel the order and credit your account.

If you really like the seller’s work, I think you should wait for awhile to see if he/she is going to deliver the rest of the work. Give the seller at least 48 hours and then take actions.

This is my opinion on the matter :slight_smile: and have a nice day.

If seller delivered a partial job, you must hit Request modification button: order goes live again, seller is notified with your message and clock starts ticking.

If the seller goes on delivering partial jobs and you’re not satisfied with him, then use resolution center and ask for a mutual cancellation.