First Experience induced sadness


Well, today I received a logo that looked as though the person spent 10 minutes on it. Left me hangin’ a day and a half and just decided himself that the logo was complete. Late delivery and kinda just spent 50 for 5. Feeling pretty worthless, I got up and decided to come here to see if anybody can point me in another direction as I want to try this again!
-Yours Truly-


I’m sorry your first Fiverr experience was a poor one. There are a lot of good logo designers out there, but unfortunately that category is popular with people who think it’s an easy way to make a buck. (They’re wrong!)

The bad news is you’re going to have to do some research to find a seller to work with, and you will have to hand over some money to do this. The good news is you’ll end up with a logo designer you have a good chance to be happy with.

Create a shortlist of about 5 sellers you think might create the type of logo you want. Make sure you pick people who specialise in the style you want. People with strong graphics design background will probably do other gigs as well so pick people who are not only doing logo gigs.

When you find your shortlist, go out to them all at the same time, ordering their cheapest gig. Give them all the same brief.

With luck you will get something back from someone that shows potential and shows that they are someone you would be happy to work with. If not, go out to another 5, but most people who do their initial shortlist research right manage to get someone quickly.


Indeed I had done the research before choosing a designer who “looked” capable. In the future, I will prevent this by sourcing certifications for legitimacy. The site has requirements for designers I would assume?


I was thinking of getting a logo here and tried posting a request for one on buyer’s request.

I requested samples. That is something you could try.


Yes, it has requirements for designers. The requirement is asking if you’re a designer.


There are no entry criteria for Fiverr sellers and no verification of capability or qualifications.


Hi, there are many talented logo designers here, I don’t want to name them as that would be considered as advertising, which is not allowed on the forum. I am sure you won’t find it hard to find them. Just do your research and read the reviews.


Looking/asking for samples is a good way, but I recommend you to do Google reverse image search once you receive them. It’s quite amazing that SO MANY of the sample images you see in the gig descriptions were just pulled off from the internet and stolen from other designers.


I can commend someone I have used if you would like to send me a PM.


I can give you the name of someone I used too that is awesome if you PM mee.


The feedback goes some way to filtering out the newer sellers who may or may not be able to come up with what you need. Then if you look at their portfolio you can get an idea of what they are capable of. Good luck!