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First experience was terrible

I’ve requested a gig from a “Logo Designer”. This user has more than 10000 reviews and an average of 4.9 out of 5.

I asked a simple task and payed 4 times the request. I’ve gave him vector files and psd files to make the modification I requested. I even share an image to give him the idea of the desired result.

He presented a horrible work, I really mean horrible and I can’t believe that this seller has 11000 more reviews with a such high review rate. I did go and see his reviews and they do seem fake (there are many many many same comments).

I will try one more gig, but not very confident…

I don’t think you can get fake reviews here. You have to have made an order and received it to make a review. The same comments are usually “outstanding experience” and “good experience,” which is what Fiverr uses if the reviewer only gives a star rating and doesn’t write anything in the box.

Does anyone know a way to get a fake review here? I could just be naive about this, but I don’t think it’s possible.

That said, maybe this is a matter of personal taste for you? You didn’t like it but maybe others would? It’s hard for us to know since we can’t see it.


There is no way to do a fake review unless you want to pay for it. I can’t imagine any seller paying $5 per fake review – eventually they would be losing money instead of making it.

I do have a theory about why this may happen. Not sure this is a case but since you are searching for an answer I will give it a shot.

My theory depends on the amount of work in a seller’s queue and their delivery time.

Lets say it is a popular gig and it has 3 days or less delivery. His queue has 20 or more gigs.

My theory is that when a seller has that many in queue and is expected to deliver in a short amount of time, they may take shortcuts in their work. They probably have the skill to do the expected work but like anything, it takes time, and when they have a lot of work to deliver in a short amount of time, they don’t take the time to do the expected work.

It isn’t the buyers fault. I’m just trying to figure out why this happens. Obviously he must of done outstanding work at one time or he would not of gotten so many good reviews.

It doesn’t hurt for the a buyer to do the following in their search for a quality gig.

  1. Look at the reviews
  2. Look at the delivery time
  3. Check out how many gigs they have in their queue

    I’m also a buyer and have had great results when I went with a newbie. Newbies usually don’t have as many gigs in their queue and will take the time to do a good job. They are new and are trying to establish a good reputation and usually time is on their side.

    You may be asking why doesn’t the seller increase his delivery time for a gig? It has to do with search results but that is another story that many sellers try to solve.

    Anyways, that is my theory. If someone once did great work and suddenly does a poor job, it probably has more to do with his/her queue and delivery time than it does with skill. Wish you luck in your search

The truth is that, unfortunately, there are quite a lot of users with fake reviews on Fiverr. There are certain forums where people organize Skype groups to mutually review each other’s gigs, people that explain how to create many accounts and buy your own gigs, and people that pay a dollar per 5-star review.

Most of them end up being banned by Fiverr, but they start again.

My advise is to always contact the seller first. Most of these scammers claim to speak English (and sometimes a dozen languages more) and they don’t, claim to live in countries where they don’t live, and are easily spotted. Also, they have a tendency to call you “dear”, I have no idea why.


can you post proof to what you are saying as I have never heard of this. It would seem to be quite the headache and waste of time and paypal fees to do as you are saying.

Reply to @provoiceworks: We can’t link to pages outside of Fiverr, as you probably know. But you could make an Internet search and will find things like this:

Reply to @belengarcia: re: the whole “Dear” thing…I think it’s most likely that they learn in writing a proper letter you always write Dear John, so they may think it’s a proper thing to do.