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First Experience


I received an order from a client (**). The order is about my gig “Build Seo Friendly Wordpress website”.-- 10 page and Ecommerce functionality. I have done most of the things and create more then 10 pages. When I inform him that "you already exit your page limit, after that you should need gig extra."
He just overreact and took over the project And gave me 3 review. What i have done wrong? Some one please tell me?


I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. Please remove the username as that is against the Forum’s rules.

If the buyer left a review as a revenge please contact support to discuss this matter.

Best of luck.


thanks for the reply


Had this happen to me lately as well. You did the right thing. Sometimes buyers don’t understand that just because they are not talking to us in person they can act however they want. They sometimes think because they are paying you they get to. This is not for all buyers though!

Things will be looking up for you shortly! Good luck! :smiley:


I just inform him not even charge an extra. Now i have nothing left for a long time.
Lets see what happen next.
Thanks mate.