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First experiencie


Hi Guys

I’m very disappointed with Fiveer as a starter buyer.

I´ve engaged someone for a JOB, first because I don’t dominate the theme and second because of the short time to learn it. And finally, I’m not a truly technical man.

So far, it didn’t work, should take 2-3 weeks but took about 2 months and none artefact was delivered.

This guy took so long to do nothing and at end got the money.

I tried to do it together with him and at least alone.

He said that it doesn´t work as because of the amount of data.

I said OK, but please help me to prepare the environment on my end, so, he refused and worst he asked all the time for more money.

Fiveer told me that they cannot do something, because I’ve maintained a communication to this guy outside of the Fiveer platform.

But how to communicate fast and transfer a huge number of files with this platform!?

They just want to reimburse me with less than 1/3 of the paid value, if I’d engage another profit for a JOB.

I think it is absolutely not fair, especially because was my first time.

What do you think please?

Thank you!


What steps did you take to ensure you were ordering from a suitable provider? What kind of reviews did the seller have? How many 5 star reviews did they have? How long had they been an active seller in Fiverr? What did the other reviews on their account say about them? What kind of questions did you ask them before providing them with such an important project? Were they asking for fair market rate for the work they were doing? (rather than extremely cheap?)

Fiverr’s terms of service are extremely clear about communicating outside of Fiverr. By doing so, you risk both your account as a buyer, and the account of the seller.

I think what you’ve been offered by Fiverr’s support team is extremely generous. You engaged in communication outside of the platform, which is explicitly against Fiverr’s terms of service. It also means that Fiverr’s support team have absolutely no way of knowing if what you’re telling them is true, as they’re only seeing the part of the project that you chose to conduct within the Fiverr platform.

You’ve had a bad experience, but thousands of people have positive experiences here every day. I’d suggest that before you go any further, you take a read of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Always place a small order for a few dollars before you choose to spend a larger amount of money, if not with the seller you eventually hired, it could be with anybody - just to get a feel for how the site works, and how to get the best from every gig you buy.

In terms of fairness, I think you did rather well to be honest. You broke the ToS - Fiverr could quite rightly have refunded nothing.


You actually got lucky that fiverr didn’t block your account straight away. You broke their terms and conditions, communicated with seller outside of this platform so it’s only natural that they can’t do anything about this. And that is quite clear. you both saw red box warning when writing messages to contact outside of fiverr.

It’s sad that this happened to you but honestly it’s only your responsibility here.


Both (the seller and the buyer) got lucky. But as a buyer (you haven’t much to loose and on the contrary, a seller has everything to loose specially “the reputation” and his/her “repeat buyers”).

In my opinion, sometimes the seller should guide the buyers (not with lengthy explanations but with “links”), but this wasn’t the case with you? I guess!!!

There are “n” number of cloud storage website through which you can share your files but not communication. Communication has to take place here to keep a track record of what is said and what is delivered and pretty much as a proof. Fiverr is right, they are not responsible for outside scenarios, and you won’t be either.

Here are useful links for you to go through, if you haven’t read them:

Good Luck!!


Hi people + thx for the reply and help.

Just to point my vision.

I feel just relegated by Fiveer at least to be my first time here.
I´ll never recommend it for nobody and use it again.

I lost time + money + patience + etc.

About all the questions, just to summarize, as soon as I saw that it was a little strange and was not following the defined steps, I started to work “together” and trying to find new ways.
I mean, search the better way/solution for both.