First Few Weeks on Fiver


Hi everyone,

This is my first substantive post on this forum and I’m happy to share my experience with Fiverr after my first few weeks. I spent TONES of time on making my “Gigs” as descriptive, succinct and professional as possible. I asked myself what I would have liked to see on my Gig if I were a buyer.

I also advertised my Gigs on my social media accounts, and eventually on the “Buyer Requests” section. This section was a blessing and curse; there are so many sellers trying to offer their services and its annoys me to no end. However, that being said, it has actually been a great tool for me to advertise myself directly to clients who post legitimate requests.

Two weeks in and I am on the verge of becoming a Level One seller, with solid reviews and a modest base of repeat clients. My editing and proofreading “Gig” has gained more traction then my content creation “Gig,” but I figure as long as I continue my hard work, all my “Gigs” will perform equally as well.

I would love to hear everyone else’s experiences :wink:



Congrats! You’ll have to make it to a month before you can actually officially become a Level 1 seller in Fiverr’s eyes though :stuck_out_tongue:
I also offer writing and proofreading/editing services (in addition to translation)! Originally my short story gig did a lot better than all my other ones, but as of recently my proofreading/editing has surpassed that one in orders. There do seem to be a lot of aspiring writers who want their content edited on here.


Thanks! I actually joined earlier this year; but I started putting in some real effort into this wonderful platform within the last few weeks. I’ve noticed that too, I work with a lot of writers who are small business owners, and who are just looking to firm up their content.


Ahh, I have some clients like that as well! 'Tis the life of editors/proofreaders on Fiverr, I suppose.
I wouldn’t really call myself a professional though, so I probably have a different experience than you do. (Still a college student :P)