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First Fiver Experience (Confused)

Hello Everyone,

I am a new graphic designer to Fiver and I’ve realized that getting discovered in the logo design section is difficult. I was wondering if there are any tips for getting discovered other than sharing my account on my social media? Also, are previous sellers the only ones available to leave good feedback on one’s profile?

Thank you


Send buyer requests. Also, for logo designing, create Instagram and Twitter profiles and connect them to your Fiverr. Share your work once a month on these platforms and they will get you plenty of attention!

I think you mean previous buyers? Buyers can leave a review after accepting your delivered order. They can’t leave reviews if they haven’t ordered at all or cancelled the order.

yes I meant previous buyers

Thank you so much

Thank you for the advice.

Allyson - use the search bar above to answer your questions. There are many good posts about how to get sales.

Start here: