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First Fiver experience disappointing


I’m no designer but I understand what is required to do the job well. I have posted 2 jobs so far and the results have been awful. What has been going wrong? well the designers just fail to read and take notice of the brief or requests from the client… I’m going to give it one more try and if it happens again I’m going to go down the old fashioned route of a face to face meeting with a designer.


Just curiostity, how much do you pay for them?
I´ve founded several sellers which was very penny-pincher.
You obtain what you paid for, think about it :wink:


I disagree, the price of the job and brief are known prior to the job being taken. Regardless of the fee involved it is a designers job to read and deliver the brief. If the brief says use images of a bell or an oak tree and the designer uses an image of a pint of beer… then it is a failure on the side of the designer.


4 words advice:

“Choose the designer wisely”… Fiverr has got some great talent…


Obviusly if the seller doesn’t read the conditions of the work is his/her fault . I just mean about quality, it’s not the same a 5$ work than a 40$ one in terms of dedication, finish and customer support.
As seller I try to deliver what my buyers need but this has a cost, if they agree I’d begin working and try my best in order my buyer will be happy.
As Zubairfb, part of your responsability is to choose wisely the seller you hire, in case of doubt better contact another one.