First fiverr experience


I talked to the artist via msg,
agreed on a gig.
placed gig.
artist requested to extend the waiting time, i agreed.
waited more.
artist cancelled gig.

great waste of time.


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, it can happen I guess, maybe they went ill or something. Don´t think too much of it, there are a whole lot of gigs done well and done on time every single day.

What I wanted to say though is…Love the way you ranted, it reads like a zen poem! :slight_smile:



such gig was placed
much time went by -
a haiku rant.

( by Doge)

; p thanks you guys…
yes they said they became ill.
a shame though, i really liked their art - style.


Ha, ha, ha! That is hilarious!

It’s exactly what happened to me with my first two orders on Fiverr. Well, the first was a reader and the second one was a cover designer - but, yes, almost identical thing happened.

I was really upset, but you seem to have a great sense of humor. :grinning:


Dang, now that’s a lovely way to start your Fiverr experience…
Don’t give up on Fiverr just yet, there are plenty of good sellers here.
I hope your next Fiverr encounter will be a pleasant one :slight_smile: