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First Fiverr Gig Purchase! Why didn't I do this earlier?


Thought I’ve been selling for several months, I’ve been really wanting to buy a gig here, but it’s taken me awhile to narrow down exactly what I want and how to use it.

I decided I wanted an animated video of my logo for my social media training business, Twitterpated Consulting. I pored over dozens of artist listings before I found an artist with a whimsical, loose style that I felt would translate beautifully into my logo: @grosher.

Below is the original logo, a doodle I created on a post-it note. He’s my sweet birdy, drunk on love of social media.

I hired @grosher to do a short speed draw video of the logo. Not only did he execute it perfectly and fast, but he gave me an additional video of another style. He added music, even though he didn’t have to - the exact definition of Over Deliver.

Here are the two videos he created for me (Bird and Birdie):

He was awesome. I highly suggest you check out his gigs here:

They are well worth the $5 and more!


And I’m the saddest right now – because I just got my first order in and it wasn’t what I wanted at all :frowning: I thought I had been clear in the instructions – I know what it’s like to have a bad buyer! Oh well, maybe next time.


Just to retrace my previous comment, the person I bought from immeadiatly corrected the problem and the product was WONDERFUL!