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First Fiverr Milestone--Level 1

One large step for me in the Fiverr community, one small step at a time next to each other will get me to Level 2. So after 1 month I got my Level 1 Badge. 30 days and 10 Gigs does not sound like much, but besides the couple hundred dollars of cash, it opened up some selling options that I did not previously have, as well as, letting me know that of the thousands of other voice overs on Fiverr, there is a demand for my voice and performances.

I am posting this not because I did anything magic, genius-like or radically different but to let others just starting out that you can do it, and to provide two huge tips that will nearly guarantee your success.

Tip 1: spend time, alot of time here in the Fiverr community. Read the posts, the comments and those ideas that fit your personality and product or service put them into action. Here is an incredible resource of people at all levels. Those at the top level are giving of their time to help us newb’s.

Tip 2: As the oldie but goldie song says, “you can’t hurry love” Attaining success anywhere, with anything usually takes some time, some stubbing your toe, some going back to the drawing board. Stick with it, change where needed. Get a kick in the rear or needed motivation right here in the Fiverr community. Don’t give up–it may be trite, but it certainly is true: If it were easy, everybody would do it!

Thank you Fiverr community for your ideas, insight and support.

Congratulations - it’s just great that Fiverr gives a chance to everyone, regardless of their qualifications, nationality, age group, experience, etc. Anyone can succeed here with the right attitude.


Congrats! Positive thinking helps. Rock On!


Thank you.

Thanks! Attitude is everything.

That’s true


Just created an account today and that’s some real motivation :slight_smile:


Good luck, and glad you found some motivation from my post.

nice post

Congratulations. Best of luck to you here at Fiverr.

Congrats! Hope to get there soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Thank you and best continued success to you.

You will get there before you know it…Thanks.