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First Fiverr PRO to a category, possible?

Well I read that once approved, you receive an email notifying you that you are considered for Fiverr PRO and an interview date is scheduled to get familiar with the PRO team or something like that.

My question is, what happens if you apply for PRO to a category that there’s no other PRO so basically you propose yourself to become the first PRO for a specific category? Is this even possible in the first place?


I don’t see why would it be a problem. Fiverr like new new trending things.
However I see that you are providing services in proofreading, editing and traffic(?)
Is that the category you want to apply for?
Sure there are already PRO sellers in proofreading and article writing in pro category, it’s not the new category.

@vickiespencer I wonder if you ever checked if there are PRO sellers in your category?

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Seems like an opinion. You don’t know the answer to my question. Thanks anyway. :pray:t4:

Perhaps a pro would know better. @corsogr

Edit: I found the answer. Thank you.

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Yes, there are many of them.