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First Fiverr Project

I just used Fiverr for my Logo project, I approved and left feedback already, how long do you generally have to wait before you get the source file, vector file, pdf and social media files?


Hi @donsocco,

Do you mean your seller didn’t deliver any of those items? :flushed:

Then what did you get as your delivery and you review? :flushed:

Your seller should have had delivered everything that belonged to the order, whether as described on the service provided or agreed upon conversation through Inbox.


Yes, the didn’t deliver any of those yet.

I approved a JPEG, the seller said she will prepare the other items and send them over, but it’s been a few hours, so I was wondering how long I should wait.
Any information would be helpful

Sorry, Don. I don’t seem to understand. I apologize for it.

Did your seller deliver through Inbox or through the delivery button, in which case, for reviewing the order, you must have had first marked the order as complete.

I approved the jpeg through the delivery button and marked the order complete, after that The seller said she was preparing the other files and would send them over. But it’s been about 5 hours and I haven’t recorded them yet.

I’m sorry to hear this. She should have delivered everything that was included in the service you hired. Not doing so is against Fiverr TOS.

You shouldn’t have marked the order as complete, since it wasn’t.

I would suggest to message your seller once again, setting her a deadline to deliver what still needs to be delivere and, if she fails to do so, contact CS kindly explaining them what happened and asking them to please refund you.


Thanks for your help maitasun

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You’re most welcome, Don.

Please, if you don’t mind, kindly keep us updated. And if you’re in more need, just give us shout. :slightly_smiling_face: :wink: