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First Fiverr Sell, First Impression

i am scoda salah, a new fiver seller,
i’m really happy to share with you my first Fiverr Impression

at first it looked very hard to get the first sell, believe it or not, i got my first sell in the first 2 days.

it really sounded very hard to get a sell but after watching Fiverr first tutorial and reading a little in the forum, i tried to unique my Gig title and only add the technics that i know by heart,…
later i descovered that videos can get people to be intrested in your Gig so i added one.
then the profile picture can also impact your sells so change it if you can.

after a little 24 hours i started looking at Buyer Requests. and i posted an offer for a really nice customer,… trust me it’s a very hard work, the client was offering a 71$ budget, but i offered him a professional work for only 5$ in only 1 day, i’ve really worked so hard

but at the end i delivered the job with extra free features and client was hyper happy

and now i’ve got 5 stars rating and 3 happy customers, after 3 sells for my Wordpress PHP, HTML, CSS service and i am sure that i will get more because i am really worked hard with the latest source code functions and styles.

so here is an advice : don’t care about money at first, you have to care about work quality, time respect, and customer happiness



:cloud_with_lightning: You what?

Happiness is easy.



Noo happiness is easy after the 10 sell
before that, you got to be patient to gain customers trust

The buyer trusted you already, you gave him a discount of $66 to be sure to receive a 5 star review. Come on.


Ugh! It’s poor etiquette to ask other sellers for business.
There’s a time & place for everything! :pineapple:

Meh, I care about :heart: money. This is a business not charity. Can’t live for free in this world, technically you can, but with my taste and lifestyle it’s all about the benjamins. :nail_care:t4:


Are you worried that the buyer might come back and want the same amount of work done for $5?

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$71 budget and you charged $5?!?! Wow, I would have shot for at least half of the budget, but I do understand your logic behind it.

It’s sale, not sell. Sell is a verb.

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Sale* sorry
And no not charity
And no not 5$ to get rating

It’s just to get the first sale as i said to the client is a first time price
Otherwise he’ll give the order to somebody rated more than me, why would he work with me if i offer the same price as a 5 star rated seller ?
And that way i’ll stay without sales aaand without client opinions !!
You all won’t buy any of my services if someone else rated good and with a biger number of sales offered you the same price as me ! Because obviously you won’t trust me until you see the quality of work
It’s an infinite circle
That’s my opinion and i surely don’t know more than you all because you all are experienced in fiverr

Thank you for responding :slight_smile:

“You all won’t buy any of my services if someone else rated good and with a biger number of sales offered you the same price as me ! Because obviously you won’t trust me until you see the quality of work”

Not necessarily. Suitability and rapport are big factors.

Also, if you cater to a specific problem and niche, you’re less competitive and more valuable, assuming those people want what you offer and understand its value. You should never provide a service that can be identically compared to something else outside of price. When companies want to get an edge over competitors, they focus on doing important, valuable things their competitors aren’t doing. They don’t just lower their price and if they do, it’s only one thing they’re doing to stand out.

I love hearing others POV. However, I and every other Seller on this platform should know his or her worth. Period, point, blank. This is a dog-eat-dog world. I’m not going to go at the bottom of the barrel to make a sale on this platform. Nope, not happening!

Another thing… I don’t pay attention to my competitors, I’m focused on me, myself & I.

Time is a terrible thing to waste. My vocal cords are not for free and are worth much more than peanuts. If Sellers are OK with charging $5, that’s fine. I’ve witnessed newbies and seasoned Sellers making much more than $5 as a base rate. Why? Simple, it’s because they’ve set the bar for how much they are worth. :pineapple:

Cheerio :cherries:

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