First Four Star Review


I received first 4 star review. Don’t know why buyer gave me 4 star. I have given him special discount. I also replied his every message timely. I have asked for any changes he might want for final work. But he said its great and then he left a 4 star review. How should I respond.?


There is nothing else to do. Just move on. Its part of the business. Life is also like that. Some are never satisfied. Some are also difficult to please or satisfy. 4 star is not even that bad. My buyer gave me 3 stars.

If u really do not want to put up with the 4 star, then you have to refund the order. That is the only way to make the review disappear. But why do that? Not necessary. Move on with your promotions.


How can I refund and make that review disappear. Please let me know how?


I too have received something that was not 5 star, you have to put past perfection and not aim for everything to be 5 stars. Now if its below 3 then I would consider taking action and refunding. Why refund a 4 star when you did the work? Don’t let one star take your hard earned money away… Not worth it :slight_smile:


This is no longer accurate. Policies have changed. You cannot offer a refund in trade for feedback removal.


You can’t. If the buyer wants to change it without any offer or suggestion by you, they would have to initiate the process. This sounds unlikely, so you may have to move on.


There will always be THOSE kind of buyers. 4-stars is fine. The next customers you will get will give you 5 and the 4-star review will be hidden in view.


It happens, man. Sometimes buyers don’t understand the system, or they simply don’t care. A four star review won’t really do any damage to your profile if my understanding is correct.


I have request buyer to change the review. And He did. So now it 5 star. Thanks all for your help. :slight_smile:


Now sellers can initiate the process too by opening up a dispute for changing the feedback. Right?


It’s unfortunate to get a 4 star review… especially if you consistently get 5’s, just have to go by what the others here have said… some people are just impossible to please!

I’ve never been aware of anything on my end that warranted less than 5 stars, so the couple of 4’s I’ve received over the years come as a surprise. I’d at least like an explanation!

Oh well… Just keep on doing your best and some 5 star reviews will be along soon enough to cover it up!


‘‘I have request buyer to change the review. And He did. So now it 5 star. Thanks all for your help’’. Can you please tell us how that was achieved? I thought reviews can no longer be changed.


You can not do anything about it. Just move on and do your business. I think its the first time you received it so you might be disappointed. but that happens to every one. Its almost impossible to have 5 star review.


Resolution Center>Request Feedback Revision

If you use this option often, you can get banned from Fiverr.


Thanks catwriter!


Respond with … “I’ve done everything I could to earn 5 stars”. Anytime a bad review appears in an ocean of good ones, it makes the bad reviewer seen as a malcontent, and his review is discounted by readers.


How often is using that request to change feedback is too often before you get banned?


If you’re curious as to why they gave you a 4-star review, it’s best to just ask them directly. You won’t know till you ask!


I think your response to a “less than five star” rating is more important to consider, I am much more interested in how I provider responds to a rating. You have just a few words to make your potential new customer love you by reading your response to a review. If you struggle with this, higher a writer. It’s that important. In 2 sentences you can totally understand someones attitude and you get a glimpse of their character.


its not matter… go ahead someday you will 5 star. I hope