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First Gig - buyer went quiet after delivery

hello guys
so I am new and just got a first gig last week to deliver a song to a client.
created a custom offer, we agreed deliverables then set delivery times at 5 days.
I then delivered the file with still 3 days to go, and after that I stopped hearing back from the buyer. not a revision, not a comment nothing. the 5 days ended this morning and now there’s a tag that says the order will be marked complete in 3 days.
I sent a message to the buyer to ask if he was happy but never heard back

what should I do?

Nothing - you’ve done your job by delivering your order. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please don’t do this. I’m sure if the buyer needs any modifications etc. they’ll get back to you.


thanks - it’s just a bit weird to not hear ANY feedback

This does sometimes happen… I’ve worked hard on several projects and never heard back from the customer. As long as the 3 days pass it’s fine and the order will automatically be accepted so you can just forget about it :slight_smile:


so in that case I won’t receive a rating either I suppose… quite strange way of interacting with other human beings…

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just wait, some if my buyer leave rating after days, even more than a week later, but also there some buyer who just never heard back, but still you have to deliver their order

I think some buyer use fiverr for their business, and some just for have fun on gigs

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You will find the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Everything is explained in detail there as to how Fiverr works.

What happened is not unusual!

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Buyers can rate an order up to 10 days after the delivery, so you might still get lucky and receive a nice review.

If not, don’t take it to heart, the average percentage of rated orders is just 70-80 percent or so. Reviews are especially important when you’re new, of course, but you’ll surely get your first glowing review sooner or (hopefully not) later. :slight_smile:

Some buyers don’t want their review (and thus their purchase) to be public, others just don’t care, are too busy, tell themselves they’ll come back to rate once they’ve “thoroughly checked” the delivery and then forget, are sick, on holidays, …

Probably a lot of “older” sellers would tell you they have regular customers (=they obviously like your work, else they’d not come back) who still never leave reviews, so there’s no need to ponder whether they might be unhappy either.

Just wait and :tea: and :guitar:. And welcome to the forum.


thanks for your kind words!!!

thank you very much! I will read it now

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People are busy or lose interest quickly after they buy something. Or sometimes they aren’t happy with the order but don’t want to say that. Either way it’s normal not to hear from some buyers after you deliver the order.