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First Gig - Constructive Feedback Requested

Hi everyone,

Just moments ago, I finished setting up my first Gig!
I’ve applied as much as I could from tips and tricks on the forum, however, after some time, you need to step back for a feedback session. That’s where I am now.

Please check out my Gig and let me know what you think I can do to improve it further.



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Hi - welcome to the forum

What problem is your gig solving? I’d be inclined to have that as the first paragraph of your gig, rather than your resume. I don’t care about your resume. I care about my problem.

Put your keywords in your description.


You could also choose a video thumbnail for the gig that shows a clear image of what the gig is about.


@coerdelion, @uk1000, Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure incorporate it! :slight_smile:

If anyone reading this thread has an idea on how I can further improve my gig, please let me know in the comments down below :slight_smile:

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