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First GIG created with video still not shown


I created my first GIG with video. After uploading my video, a message says Fiverr will evaluate my video and it will be shown within 24 hours.
7 days later my video still not shown, still under checking.

What needs to be done?
Why this is happen?

Help me please!



Hello there @ultimateproject, sorry to hear this. You’re not the first asking this same questions. Seem a lot of new sellers seem to have the same issues. I suggest placing your video once more. 7 days is far too long. My videos have been approved within 2 hours, so you must have done something wrong here??? Is your video shorter than 70 seconds, and less than 50MB? Also, try to add on your thumbnail descriptions something like ‘‘Fiverr Gig Video’’ or anything related and “Exclusively on Fiverr” in your video, Fiverr seem to love these kinds of lines. Best of luck!!

Welcome to the community.:smiley:

Good luck and let me know if it worked!

Warmly, Humberto


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Hi Humberto,

Thanks for the advice, I just deleted my video and uploaded again.
It is now there, evaluated already.

35MB and 16s only, so shouldn’t be a problem anyway.
Something went wrong looks like.

Thanks again.