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First Gig Denied?!

I posted my first gig and am getting ‘Denied because failed to pass review.’ I posted about helping people with a heist to get them money on GTA on PS4. I Put a random picture up related to the game - first try was a picture of screenshot from my gameplay. Then I tried using some pic from google images with the logo… I don’t know what is the reason that it keeps getting denied. What could I be doing wrong??

Thanks in advance!



At a guess: either 3rd-party TOS violation, or copyrighted trademark infringement.

hey thanks for your reply! I just got general TOS reason:

Are you saying it could only be the image?

Thank you

Hmmm, give me a moment.
Need to Ctrl+F something in the TOS.

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Like I said, it’s probably the 2nd point on the list.

Most online multi-players have conditions in their TOS that in-game anything cannot be sold for real money. It might have been the phrasing in your gig that triggered the filters. It might have been the picture. It might be something completely different.


Okay. Its just that there are gigs up that are VERY similar to mine. Ill try to tweak…
Thanks for your help!!