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First gig not showing in search

Hi all

I joined Fiverr today and have created my first gig. It shows as active on my dashboard but I cannot find it in search, even when I log out and look as a buyer. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Many thanks


Wait a day?
Amd Best of Luck

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Be patient!
All though I will suggest you to create all the gigs and wait for the next evulation…
It will rank soon best wishes man


It all depends on your keywords, description, and gig title. If you can’t see it yet then it’s probably at the bottom of the search. Either give it time or reword one of the three. There are probably people with a similar title that outrank you.
Good Luck


Thanks for all of your replies.

I have tweaked the title, tags and a few other things so maybe it will just take a bit of time to show up? I’ll check tomorrow and hopefully it will be showing!

Don’t worry it will be search result very soon

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