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First Gig - Redoing - Before - After

Hi all,

Here is my Gig URL:

I’ve done a lot of reading, observing and thinking about this.

Just “jumped in” to complete my profile at first, without really understanding the process fully.

As is, the Gig has had more impressions than any of my blogs ever did using WordPress. That says a lot for the Fiverr online presence and site search.

I just updated my profile description and researched keywords using the Fiverr Search Tool. I added each letter of the alphabet to the search, recorded all the listings, then alphabetically sorted the list. Fortunately, “license” came up as “Recently Searched”.

"Licensing is in the title of this Gig, so I may just create a new one because we can’t change this, once we save it. At lease that’s my impression from the instructions given in the Gig Creation Wizard.

It seems the other tags can be more related to our Gig Description than the search terms.

So, while I’m working on my process for “delivering the goods”, perhaps you would like to share some thoughts on my profile and my initial Gig creation.

I have Glaucoma, so this process will take me some time, but hopefully the quality will be well worth it.

Direct Messages are welcome.

I’m so impressed with this community already!

Thanks in advance!

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I have no suggestion as i am not an expert, i just want to say congrats and wish you luck

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It appears that I was mistaken.

Clicking on my picture will not take us out of the forum to our Seller Profile, just our Forum Profile, if you click the user name.

Gig URL:

yes you were wrong, but if you want to include your gig link in the post, why not edit your original post, and leave the link there.

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Thank you so much!

Please read my edit to see if I’ve done it correctly this time.

I wasn’t aware of being able to edit our topics and replies until you made this suggestion. Don’t you hate it when we look right at something and just don’t see it?

Much appreciated!

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and welcome to Fiverr :smiley:

Since I have NO ( and absolutely NONE!!) experience in your field I cannot
give you any helpful advice, but maybe because of that I might be able to give
some ideas/help.
First of all, I am guessing this is because I am an illustrator and I rely a lot on visuals,
I personally think it would help your gig if you make your sample image appear a bit more
colorful, or possible add some images. Right now I see…well, to be honest I’m not really
sure what I am looking at.
Since you can place up to 3 sample images, maybe include an image/chart or some kind of a diagram that shows you what you are going to do?

Also, again this is just me, but I get the feeling if you create a video about you talking a bit about licensing, it might convince the buyers. Something to let the buyers know that you know what you are talking about, and that you have the skills.
I get the feeling that seeing an actual person talking about it using some fancy terminology (if there are any) seems more convincing.

I’m not sure if this is going to help, but I thought it won’t hurt to mention these :slight_smile:

I agree with @zeus777, your gig could use a video to add credibility and explain the service in more detail.
Based on the description it’s not really clear what exactly are you offering.

I would say, think about your ideal customer and what they need. Then write the case study and upload it as a PDF. The description doesn’t really have enough room to explain it. In a decent case study you can explain what was asked, what did you do and what was the value you added.

Thank you @zeus777,

Indeed your comments are very helpful! :grinning:

You are an illustrator and that is a lot of talent that I don’t come close to having.

You are so right about the gig image. I couldn’t continue to create my gig in the tool without uploading “something”. That is my lame attempt to compensate. You’re not alone in the “experience” department.

You have given some wonderful feedback!

Actually, what I’m trying to do is help people connect to the Occupational License official government source in their area. I’m in the process of creating my first working “Basic” document that can be converted to PDF.

It contains screenshots of the authority website page headers, a page title line - with a spelled out web address hyperlink under the screenshot. All alphabetically listed as “Authority Home Page”, “Laws & Rules”, and a lot more appropriate information.

The screenshot I take of that document should look much better. I may have to play with that a bit when uploading the image to the tool. Not close to doing that yet.

It’s funny, I never really considered “licensing” associated with images and offering them, until seeing the gigs on Fiverr.

For my “Standard” and “Premium” offers, I will be creating actual PDFs from the working documents that bring additional detail and value. They will be uploaded for those packages. We are limited to only 2 PDFs.

This is taking me some time, making the “dream” really be created.

You have wonderful insight. I hope you will continue to follow this thread until my “After” is ready to publish and share. Slow going, but I think worth it.

I wish you the best with your endeavors.

You and @zeus777 are so right @uxreview,

I’ve gone into detail in my response to @zeus777, so this reply will be short.

I will absolutely be replacing this gig with one that is much better prepared.

Your insight is very much appreciated!


This is a bit off topic, BUT.

I really, REALLY, want the new sellers to READ this post, and SEE what needs to be
done in order to set up a gig!!!
Arthurstrout here has CLEARLY spent a lot of time putting his gig together, READING/ OBSERVING and THINKING which is something a lot of new sellers are NOT doing.
I read his other post too, and we can tell that he has really put in a decent amount of time, to set things up first, THEN he came to the forum asking for advice, AND he is taking the
advices very seriously!!!

To the new sellers who spent less than an hour setting up a gig and come to the
forum asking for help in less than 5 days, THIS is how you set up a gig!!!

…sorry, I didn’t mean to shout…but well, you know. Ahem.


That means a lot to me @zeus777! :blush:

I will try very hard to live up to your comments.

I’m going to need time away from my computer this evening and a good deal of tomorrow.

Just so everyone knows. I only have an hour or so today.

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I too would add a video to better explain your gig. Also, if I am reading what you offer correctly, you should bump up your minimum asking price to $25-$50. You are offering a lot of research for $5. This could undermine your credibility and leave you open to exploitation.

I would also limit your service to U.S. buyers only. I regularly research similar topics and information for different countries is often outdated. In fact, when you dig a little, you find that a lot of EU based .gov information pages are hashed together copy and paste jobs of UK .gov information pages.

I would also focus more on specific tags and keywords like “Business Advice” and “Licencing” in your gig copy.


I really appreciate sharing your experience with me @uxreview.

I’m going to do PDFs, not video, which I’m not setup for.

Don’t be too concerned with my current gig, because it will be totally replaced when I’m done.

I know you are probably correct that $5 is asking very little. I’m going to double check the forum rules before proceeding with the next phase of my feedback seeking.

I’ve been under the impression that new sellers have to start with the $5 offer. I’m hoping to do a “package”. I’m a bit confused about new sellers being able to offer “packages”, starting out. I’m going to go through the creative process, even if the restrictions stand, until I can prove myself worthy.

My working document for the basic offer is now complete. Next, my process to convert it to PDF format will start. Time is not on my side for this at the moment.

My plan for this thread is as follows, provided the rules will not be broken:

When the PDF is completed, I plan to use an image of it in my basic offer. Glaucoma makes this a challenge for me (another reason for no video).

I would like to first, share the image for feedback.

I also want to offer up my sample basic PDF, which is exactly what my product will be.

In this way, the community can give me feedback, regarding the value of my “basic” offer.

Again, if the rules allow.

This is all an original creation stemming from my experience as a customer service representative.

How interesting, that a lot of the “EU based .gov information pages are hashed together copy and paste jobs”. What a huge problem that must be for you to research!

The U.S. is much better.

I appreciate you sharing this with me!

Have to run now.

Hi @arthurstrout,

I’m also a new seller (just a few months older than you :wink:) and I have package in both of my gigs.

I don’t know how it works in yout sub-category - mine is Proofreading & Translation - but, from a general point of view, your basic $5 should be that, basic. Meaning something simple, quick, easy; that won’t consume more than 1 or 2 hours of your precious time - the less, the better.

I don’t know anything about your field but maybe some kind of consulting before proper ordering could be your basic $5.

Don’t be afraid of doing things, you can always make the changes that you consider will be best to make your gigs work. Refinement is part of the process and only can be achievied through trial and error.

Best of lucks! :blush:

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Hi All,

I only have a short time at my computer today, so I’ll get right to it.

If my understanding of the rules is correct and I’m only looking for feedback, providing you with the image intended to be presented on my basic gig offer is allowed. I believe that providing a PDF sample that would be my delivered product for your review and pricing suggestions is also allowed.

Please review this image for it’s product sample value:

“PDF is not an authorized file type” - is the jest of the error message we get when trying to upload a PDF here.

So, how about anyone who wants to check out the PDF can ask me in this thread or direct message me. Perhaps we will have better luck.

As a novice, my comfort zone is $5, but this does take me a bit of time.

Because Glaucoma causes me to need more time for projects, I plan to include the following in my gig descriptions for clarifying why I require a 2 day delivery time , but may deliver ahead of that schedule.

Completion Time Note:

I am a perfectionist with attention to detail. I have Glaucoma, requiring me to “work at the speed of my eyes”. I allow myself extra time for “bad eye days”. On “good days”, delivery will be quicker than estimated.”

I’m looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. You have already provided me with some valuable insights, for which I’m extremely grateful!

I’ll be back tomorrow, have a great day.

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I’m less than 4 ceros to the left but I hope you can get the idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Basic $5:
Pre-made guideline in PDF (This pdf file will be the delivery on your $5 gig for everyone, don’t give it as a sample). You can set 1-day or 2-day delivery time (whatever you feel more comfortable with considering your health condition).

Along with this pdf, you can add some very basic “live” consulting through the order page to guide your buyer (little time consuming). See yourself as a lawyer/doctor hearing out your client/patient for the first time.

No research, no links, no contact information, no detailed or specific requirements. Just pure and simple general guideline that would suit everybody. In such a bureaucracy, people really need someone to put them on track knowing where to start from, what to do in general terms, why they need it, etc.

I took the items from your gig description just as an example of how your pdf could look. In each item you can give a breif general description of whatever important content you think must be known and handled (what, why, for what, where, how, general requierments).

Example for your PDF $5 Gig:


Licensing and Registration (General)

Types of Licensing and Registration

  • Professional and Business Licensing

  • State Licensing and Registration

  • Licenses, Permits and Certificates of Registration

  • Occupational Licensing

  • Commercial Licensing

Standard $XX:

Here is where specific reasearch comes into play. You’re the expert, you know how much or how little information you need to give your buyer for what you’re charging and the time that will take you to provide it.

This will take you time, so set your delivery in order that you are really sure you can accomplish. If it needs to be 5 days, be it! The important thing is to build confidence in buyers, and the only way of doing it, is assuring them with your actions.

Never promise what you can’t and always keep in mind: that who can the most, can the least.

Premium $XX: The same as above but upgraded. You can also add that “special something” that can make (potential) buyers prefer to purchase your Premium package.

Sorry for such a loooooong post :frowning_face:

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Thank you for the details @maitasun, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You give a lot of solid advice in those details. The value/price balance formula is one of those issues that is difficult to decide on without getting some feedback. I can’t get this kind of knowledgeable insight from the people around me. This is so much appreciated!

Adding an offer for “basic live consulting through the order page” is a great idea. A great introduction, while meeting a potential buyer, and the chance to do the basic lookup to actually evaluate the source information.

I’m not really setup privately for “Live consulting”. An initial consultation is intended by messaging, in order for me to learn exactly what the potential buyer’s needs are, before accepting the job.

The messages will make a great backup record, should a buyer claim that I haven’t answered the questions or met the need in the final product. Nice to know my thoughts are on the right track.

I like how you have broken down the different packages with your suggestions!

No worries about providing a sample PDF with the basic package. Only the sample image will be presented. I plan to provide the appropriate sample PDF on my Standard and Premium Packages, but Fiverr provides a watermark on those samples.

A “worksaver” note:

Once created, a Reference PDF, can be redelivered to another buyer who needs the same information, without having to go through the research/creation process again. I will just have to check to make sure it doesn’t need updating before delivery. So long as the product meets the need it should be fine.

The sample(s) offered in this thread are for evaluation and feedback. If someone reading this thread, happens to need the information presented in the sample PDF, available by messaging me, that’s no problem and thanks for your interest. Your feedback is appreciated!

Where is the value without the PDF? I agree that there is some.

In my mind, the PDF is my way to “overdeliver”.

Perhaps, another approach would be to offer to answer a limited number of questions, providing the answers with the PDF. Each package upgrade could then include an increased number of questions.

Limiting the number of questions that can be answered, may well be how I should be considering the value/price structure. If that becomes what I’ll do, the current “Basic” example would have to be shortened a bit, depending on the number of questions are answered for the basic $5.

You really have given me some really good “food for thought” @maitasun!

Much appreciated!

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Needed a bit more rest than expected.

Although I didn’t use the “out of office” feature on my current, non-selling gig, it will definitely be a good idea in the future.

I’ve been giving the sample image for the “Basic” offer some thought.

I believe the last image could stand to be smaller, to capture a bit more detail.

To make a comparison easy, I’ll include both images together here.

Here is the first image:

Here is the latest version:

Feel free to message me for the sample of the finished product PDF.

Your input is much appreciate!

I’d also contact the website you have the screen shot(s) of to ensure you have the relevant permission to include it (and any photos it includes) in your deliveries. Without permission it might be best to not show the photo/website/not deliver files containing it but just give instructions on what to do on that site. Unless you are sure it’s covered by fair use (though even then I’d not show the photo within the site eg. of the lighthouse as that doesn’t seem to be within their photo use policy).


You’re right, sorry I couldn’t make myself understand.

When I said “live” consulting through the order page was, in fact, intended to be a written live one not a face to face live. For the latter, you need permission from Fiverr.

You see? Ideas start to arise and the world is brighter! :smiley:

That’s great! You’re starting tp provide answers to your own needs :star2:

You’re most welcome! I’m very happy to have been able to help you in finding ideas :blush:

Sometimes all we need is just a little push :wink:

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