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You bet we do @maitasun!

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Good point @uk1000!

Time to stop and do a bit more research on that point.

My thoughts (until now):

Since the source websites are (mostly) government sites that serve the public, providing a screenshot, with an identifying description should not be a problem. They are not being “sold”, simply used for reference (and security) reasons. At the end of each PDF, including the available sample, are/will be two (2) paragraphs. I’ll include them here for your review:


A Security Double Check

Screenshots are provided to help you confirm that the links take you to the expected destination.

The descriptive line and visible URL help to serve as a layer of security. In most cases. The first part of the descriptive line will be the title of the webpage that the URL takes you to.

The visible URL should match the one that displays in your web browser’s address bar, when the link is selected.

In this way you are assured of a way to double check and verify that the destination you have arrived at is correct.


This PDF reference has no connection in any way to the website administration. All content referenced in this index belongs to the source destination linked to by the hyperlinks.

Payment to me is for my services, researching and creating this reference guide for your individual and private use.

This PDF is for private use only. Not for Commercial Use.

No attempt is made to interpret the source information. I recommend that you contact the website administration with questions.

Arthur Strout


I’ve tried to contact the webmasters of government sites to ask for permission. It is yet another case of many agencies and playing a “who’s who”, trying to learn the correct person to ask. Most of the time a response just doesn’t happen.

So, what is covered by “fair use” and can/should screenshots be used as part of reference material?

This is an important question that deserves to be researched and answered correctly for everyone using screenshots of websites.

Let’s see what I can find out shall we?

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Some interesting court cases:

I found these court cases on the U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Index. I’ll link to them under the two (2) cases listed below:

This case is interesting for us because it involves a photograph that the USPS paid Getty Images a license fee to use. - The use of the photograph was determined as “not fair”. You can read the details.

Case PDF:

Davidson v. United States No. 13-942C (Fed. Cl. June 29, 2018) (PDF) -

This case is about the use of a photograph by a film festival organizer.

The court called this “fair use”, because the “purpose in using the photograph was informational”. The use was described as “transformative and non-commercial”.

Case PDF:

Russell Brammer v. Violent Hues Productions, LLC No. 1-17-cv-01009 (E.D. Va. June 11, 2018) -

There are tons of cases to look at in the index. I’m going to leave it up to you to check them out. You’ll have to scroll down the page.


Here is a link to the webpage with a list of court cases:

U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Index -

A Slippery Slope:

All of the court cases found in the search results above are “individual judgements”. There doesn’t seem to be anything to support a solid clear cut answer to the question conclusively.

The source listed below helps clarify why we need to be cautious about this.

I quote:

“Purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes:”

“Courts evaluate fair use claims on a case-by-case basis, and the outcome of any given case depends on a fact-specific inquiry.”


More Information on Fair Use - -

@uk1000 is giving advice that we all really need to pay attention to.

It seems that the interpretation of my use of the screenshots is the big issue here.

My intended use is to help the user of the reference guide feel safe and not a victim of phishing.

However, I intend to sell the product that uses the screenshots, it could be interpreted as “commercial use”.

Thanks again @uk1000!

So, now what?

@maitasun has made a really helpful suggestion.

OK, I can still provide a PDS with the resources that enable the buyer to go through the process of getting an Occupational License.

The screenshots brought a lot of “visual value” to the product.

What can I do differently to make up for this?

I’ll work on a new image for the “Basic” offer tomorrow.

Anyone have a suggestion on what could help add to the “visual value” of these PDFs?

I have one idea starting to form.

This may be a bit disappointing for me, but I’m also very happy to have all your wonderful thoughts and suggestions.

Please don’t be afraid to leave “tough to take” comments and suggestions.

I’m not easily offended, am trying to grow in this enough to supplement my retirement and really need to see things through some else’s eyes, who has better insight than I do.

Be back when tomorrow is today.


Okkayyyy… Since you gave the go-ahead :wink: I am sorry if this comes across as being harsh but I think the gig image of yours is very… uhmm… what’s the word… drab/bland… It could be a lot better… It could be a lot more appealing.

This is what I see as your gig image right now-

I don’t think you need to mention “administrative authority website home page”. I don’t think it adds any value to your gig image. You need to make it more interesting and colorful… with lesser text in it.

Add a splash of color. If you were to make a very simple gig image of your own… something simple… something colorful… could even be created on MS Paint or some other simple software… I think it would be much better and much more appealing.

Instead of just writing “contact information” followed by a list of very obvious contact detail types such as e-mail, phone number, etc… and a big ol’ heading saying “licensing requirements” followed by a totally random www… (why is there a www… below each heading? It doesn’t make sense to me… If there is something I am missing, maybe you could enlighten me) you could just have a big heading wich says services I provide followed by a list of all the services you provide (in just 2 or 3 words as sub-headings… not more) or I will take care of all your licensing needs… or something like that… You feel me?

I’d suggest that you spend a good amount of time just randomly perusing through gig images of level 2 and TRS sellers on the Fiverr website to get an idea of a gig image. Just try to soak in the various elements that make their gig images appealing and try to bring those elements to your gig image (just get inspiration… I am not telling you to copy stuff from other sellers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and make them pop/shine through. If you look at at the gig images of successful sellers, you will realize how interesting and engaging they are to look at… and about how they are able to convey a lot of information visually and graphically… with only a few words used in their gig images (some with less than 5 words in their gig image).

I would also recommend that you go through this again (even if you have already read this before, I’d suggest that you do so again. Thanks!)-

I TOTALLY understand that your niche is something very unique and quite unlike the other gigs out there… But still, I think having a gig image with so much text and the random “www…” in it makes it rather unappealing. There are some elements to your gig image which I don’t think need to be there. I might be wrong… If so, please don’t mind me. You can correct me.

I APOLOGIZE if I came across as being rude – or harsh – or even annoying… That was not my intention at all…

I am… you know… just trying to help :blush:


AJ (hanshuber16).

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Welcome @hanshuber16!

I’ve been hoping to see you here.

You are so right about the image on the current gig. That gig will go away, to be replaced by a gig that I’m working out here. We can definitely explore your comments.

This is my greatest struggling point.

I never had much talent in this area, even before the Glaucoma. Pictures are often “lost” on me. I just can’t see the details like everyone else. A big, tall, wide and thick wall.

Screenshots add value, helping to give a “preview” of the link destination.

@uk1000 brought up copyright concerns, using screenshots of websites. You can read the conversation about that above.

You can also scroll up to see my latest image examples.

I agree with you that ‘to mention ‘administrative authority website home page”’ … doesn’t add value to the gig image. That is vitally important information for the buyer and the core source for the rest of the information.

Not very pretty “eye candy” though.

“Plain Text” isn’t very colorful or interesting, but it is “what I do”.

No excuses here, I really need to get past this issue if I’m to have success here.

I’m very color blind and it is getting worse. I can hardly make out shade differences of color at all. I can make images larger or smaller and add text to them, using MS Paint (old version). Windows 10 now has Paint 3D. I’m totally lost with that.

That sounds great for my Gig Description. That could really be an improvement to what I’ve been thinking of for one. This is a lot more helpful than harsh.

Honestly, I look at them with wonder. You are all so talented!

I do like a clipart site that offers free clipart we are allowed to modify and use commercially. I’ve used some of their images in the past. The choices can be a bit limiting though. It is easy enough to do a Google search for image sites.

I don’t know how to get past my eyes in order to recognize a quality image from one that is crap.

I just went back to re-read the “Gig Images: Do’s and Don’ts” article.

Under “Quality” it talks about not using pixelated images. I honestly can’t tell the difference between the examples.

Under “Text”, the images are obvious enough. I need to work out how to find an appropriate image for the content of the PDF. The Fiverr standards are very high, I respect and understand the concept.

Under “Proportions” they recommend an image size of “at least 690 x 426px”. That’s good to know.

The “Relevance” topic in the article pretty much explains why I’ve been trying to use an image of the actual PDF product.

Thank you for recognizing that my niche is very unique and unlike the other gigs here. There is no question the uniqueness of this project makes it more challenging, when it comes to being appealing.

I can’t blame all of the image issue on my eyes.

I’m “text oriented”. I hardly know what to do with a smiley face.

It is very difficult for me to us them here, without zooming in. :sunglasses:

With me it’s always “practical” not “pretty”.

I’ve never had a sweet tooth for “eye candy”.

I’ll come right out and say it for you… I’M AN ODD DUCK, with no talent for anything having to do with pictures, images, or related.

Yep, most of the time I simply look past them searching for what I need my eyes to see. Not very “romantic” is it.

You have not offended or discouraged me @hanshuber16. I welcome your insight. You are far from annoying and please come back, without feeling like you need to “APOLOGIZE”


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Hi again :smiley:

Sorry for the TERRIBLE AND AWFUL picture you’re about to see, I’m no marketing expert nor designer :confounded: It’s just to help you find an idea for your gig’s cover. Again, I used your items as example.


This is wonderful @maitasun!

The image you submitted is so much better than one I was just trying to get my head around.

I love the check marks, rather than bullet points.

I should be paying you for this!!!

I’ve been concerned with using the keyword “license”, rather than “licensing”. “License comes up when we add the letter “L” to the Fiverr Search box.

If my understanding is correct, using it is most important in the first title description, starting our Gig.

“I will…” Answer 5 Professional License Questions.

Have a doctor appoint, so have to run.

I would love to use this!

Please message me so we talk more in private about payment.

Much appreciated!!!

That’s so sweet of you… to have spent time into making that image for him. :two_hearts:


No, please. You don’t owe me anything!

I would NEVER ask for payment for doing something that came from deep in my heart and helping is something I do not for reward but because I want to and feels good!

Life could be so much better if people helped others just for the sake of helping. Don’t you think? :wink:

As I said, I’m no designer and surely a good skilled one would do magic for you. The image was meant to give you ideas. Please, feel completely free to take whatever you need from it, it’s yours.

If you don’t mind, I’ll try to answer to this later as first I need to understand your category.


I totally love your image @maitasun!

It does such a good job of describing what my Gig is about.

@hanshuber16 is right, you are an absolute sweetheart!

You are all being so generous and helpful to me.

My experience in the Fiverr Forum has already enriched me, even if I never earn a single cent.

I hope to “pay it forward” in the future.

“BEFORE is gone and AFTER is published.

Here is the new Gig Title & URL:

“I will… answer your LICENSE questions”

Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful support and advice.

I’m happy for more feedback and suggestions.

You folks are Awesome!

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I’m updating this because I’ve decided to reconsider by business plan.

Fiverr is better suited for me to pursue as an affiliate marketer.

You all have so much talent when it comes to Marketing, SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Even being able to get help creating an income building website!

I have requested the change with a support ticket and deleted my Gig.

One word keeps showing up:


I’m changing from trying to be a “Seller” to being a “Buyer” to take advantage of your wonderful skill sets that I lack.

Isn’t Fiverr a wonderful and helpful community?