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First gig rejected due to no audio on the video. What sort of audio should I add?

So I put up a gig offering music mastering, and got an email saying I need to modify the video in my gig description to include audio. My question is, what sort of audio track should I add to the video? I mean I can’t just add any old track to it, as surely the audio would need to be copyright free?

Fiverr certainly don’t make it easy to get started!

Go on soundcloud and /skd-music (my music) and use one of mine (the ones that say SKD Music in front). I hearby grant you permission to use it in your gig video without mentioning me in any description.


Ok I will do that, thanks very much, I appreciate that :slightly_smiling_face:

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royal free or use soundcloud music

An enormous amount of SoundCloud’s library is not royalty free, and is a surefire way to get your gig removed for copyright infringement. I create music and publish a lot of it on SoundCloud, and if I found a seller here using my music without permission, I would initiate a copyright claim immediately.

Edit - I can see that the OP is looking for sample music to master to showcase their mastering skills…

How about approaching a community of music-makers and offering your service for free, in return for the right to upload their music in a ‘Unmastered/Mastered’ format here on your gigs? Communities like BeatStars are filled with tens of thousands of beat makers, the majority of whom don’t really know much about mastering their music. You’d need to ensure you’re not breaking spam rules by messaging people, but there are also Discord communities and similar places you could try. You only really need one or two musicians to allow you to use their content to be in business.

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You can also order a fiver gig for the production of a custom music for your video or search a seller that can send royalty free background music.